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International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering (IJCSE)

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Line integral convolution-based non-local structure tensorYuhui Zheng; Kai Ma; Shunfeng Wang; Jing Sun; Jianwei ZhangVol.16 No.198-105Free access
A study of cooperative advertising in a one-manufacturer two-retailer supply chain based on the multi-stage dynamic game theoryHong Zhang; Quan-ju ZhangVol.16 No.185-97Free access
Improved artificial bee colony algorithm with differential evolution for the numerical optimisation problemsJiongming Jiang; Yu Xue; Tinghuai Ma; Zhongyang ChenVol.16 No.173-84Free access
Building a large-scale testing dataset for conceptual semantic annotation of textXiao Wei; Daniel Dajun Zeng; Xiangfeng Luo; Wei WuVol.16 No.163-72Free access
The intensional semantic conceptual graph matching algorithm based on conceptual sub-graph weight self-adjustmentZeng Hui; Xiong Liyan; Chen JianjunVol.16 No.153-62Free access
Coordinated scan detection algorithm based on the global characteristics of time sequenceYanli Lv; Yuanlong Li; Shuang Xiang; Chunhe XiaVol.16 No.142-52Free access
Particle swarm optimisation with time varying cognitive avoidance componentAnupam Biswas; Bhaskar Biswas; Anoj Kumar; K.K. MishraVol.16 No.127-41Free access
Applying transmission-coverage algorithms for secure geocasting in VANETsAntonio Prado; Sushmita Ruj; Milos Stojmenovic; Amiya NayakVol.16 No.117-26Free access
Improving stability of PCA-based network anomaly detection by means of kernel-PCAChristian Callegari; Lisa Donatini; Stefano Giordano; Michele PaganoVol.16 No.19-16Free access
Enhancing the performance of process level redundancy with coprocessors in symmetric multiprocessorsTong Zhang; Hongjun Dai; Changsong Wu; Zhiping JiaVol.16 No.11-8Free access