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International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology (IJCAT)

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
FCM: a component-based platform with explicit support of crosscutting and dynamic featuresAbdelhakim HannousseVol.62 No.171-90Free access
DANP-based method for determining the adoption of hospital information systemKhuram Shahzad; Zeng Jianqiu; Asma Zubedi; Wen Xin; Lei Wang; Muhammad HashimVol.62 No.157-70Free access
Cloud-based electricity consumption analysis using neural networkNand Kumar; Vilas H. Gaidhane; Ravi Kant MittalVol.62 No.145-56Free access
Comparison among different tools for tolerance analysis of rigid assembliesAndrea Corrado; Wilma PoliniVol.62 No.136-44Free access
A novel ANN-based four-dimensional two-disk hyperchaotic dynamical system, bifurcation analysis, circuit realisation and FPGA-based TRNG implementationSundarapandian Vaidyanathan; Ihsan Pehlivan; Leutcho Gervais Dolvis; Kengne Jacques; Murat Alcin; Murat Tuna; Ismail KoyuncuVol.62 No.120-35Free access
Hand-drawn electronic component recognition using deep learning algorithmHaiyan Wang; Tianhong Pan; Mian Khuram AhsanVol.62 No.113-19Free access
Adaptive neural-fuzzy and backstepping controller for port-Hamiltonian systemsAhmad Taher Azar; Fernando E. Serrano; Marco A. Flores; Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan; Quanmin ZhuVol.62 No.11-12Free access