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International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology (IJCAT)

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
SiNoptiC: swarm intelligence optimisation of convolutional neural network architectures for text classificationImen Ferjani; Minyar Sassi Hidri; Ali FrihidaVol.68 No.182-100Free access
Integration of ubiquitous specifications in the conception of objects systemSonia Aimene; Idir RassoulVol.68 No.170-81Free access
Sensor device scheduling-based cuckoo algorithm for enhancing lifetime of cluster-based wireless sensor networksMazin Kadhum Hameed; Ali Kadhum IdreesVol.68 No.158-69Free access
Improved image matching algorithm based on LK optical flow and grid motion statisticsQunpo Liu; Xiulei Xi; Weicun Zhang; Lingxiao Yang; Naohiko HanajimaVol.68 No.149-57Free access
Confirmed quality aware recommendations using collaborative filtering and review analysisSeema P. Nehete; Satish R. DevaneVol.68 No.139-48Free access
Numerical simulation of full-scale steel-frame undergoing soil pressureBayang Zhang; Yaohong Zhu; Fachao Li; Jiawei Wang; Jue ZhuVol.68 No.127-38Free access
An analysis of real-time traffic congestion optimisation through VTL in VANETsParul Choudhary; Rakesh K. Dwivedi; Umang SinghVol.68 No.112-26Free access
Capacity configuration optimisation of hybrid renewable energy system using improved grey wolf optimiserHuili Wei; Shan Chen; Tianhong Pan; Jun Tao; Mingxing ZhuVol.68 No.11-11Free access