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International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets (IJBEM)

International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The psychology of inflation on commitment bonds and citizenship intent: the case of GhanaEdward O. AkotoVol.10 No.180-98Free access
Dividend policy of firms listed on Casablanca Stock Exchange: a panel data analysisImad Jabbouri; Abdelillah El AttarVol.10 No.157-79Free access
International orientation and business group performance: moderating role of product diversification (evidence from India)Pradeep Kumar Hota; Sumit MitraVol.10 No.139-56Free access
A case study of spontaneous diversification: evidence from a small Thai family firmBrandon Walker-Price; Shih Yung ChouVol.10 No.122-38Free access
Poverty, sustainability and the demographic dividendGreg ClydesdaleVol.10 No.13-21Free access