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International Journal of Arts and Technology (IJART)

International Journal of Arts and Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Dynamic target image correction method of digital media based on virtual realityMi TianVol.13 No.161-74Free access
Music note position recognition in optical music recognition using convolutional neural networkAndrea; Paoline; Amalia ZahraVol.13 No.145-60Free access
The method to capture the form of opera performance based on machine visionMaoyuan YinVol.13 No.130-44Free access
Anita Bermeo's transmedial artistic biography of her performatic character 'La Torera'Carmen Elena Jijón; María Zárraga; Galo Fernando Gallardo CarrilloVol.13 No.118-29Free access
Multi-note intelligent fusion method of music based on artificial neural networkYe TianVol.13 No.11-17Free access