October 2010 Journal news

Marie Curie Prize and Atoms for Peace Prize

The Marie Curie Prize, created on the initiative of the World Council of Nuclear Workers (WONUC) and of the Low Radiation International Network (LOWRAD) is intended as a reward for scientific research and work whose goal is the improvement of scientific knowledge concerning the effects of low and very low doses of ionising radiation on human beings and biotopes. The 2010 recipient is Ludwig Feinendegen. The Atoms for Peace Committee Prize is awarded to whoever has done most for the achievement of a sustainable peace to ensure the protection of environment, the improvement of social welfare and the establishment of worldwide wealth. In its application of these criteria, the World Council of Nuclear Workers (WONUC) and the International Institute for Sustainable Peace have concentrated on the struggle to ensure a world wide sustainable peace. This year’s recipient is Maria Romana De Gasperi.

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