April 2010 Journal news

IJ Shipping and Transport Logistics Consulting Editor most productive author in POM (1959-2008)

Professor T.C. Edwin Cheng, Consulting Editor of the International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, has been rated as the most productive researcher in Production and Operations Management (POM) in the world over the past 50 years, according to the findings of the paper, An Assessment of World-Wide Research Productivity in Production and Operations Management, by Pao-Nuan Hsieh and Pao-Long Chang, published in the International Journal of Production Economics, 120(2), 540-551 (2009), doi:10.1016/j.ijpe.2009.03.015

Professor Cheng was also named as one of the "most cited scientists" in "All Fields", "Computer Science", and "Engineering" over 1992-2002, 1993-2003, 1994-2004, 1995-2005, 1996-2006, 1997-2007, 1998-2008, 1999-2009, 2000-2010 (top 1% in terms of citation count) and has attained an h-index of 27 (i.e., having produced 27 publications each attracting 27 or more citations) in ISI Web of Science.

The top h-index POM researcher (Professor Gilbert Laporte with an h-index of 30) is also one of the editorial members of the International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics. In addition, Professor Laporte is the most productive author in five leading POM journals (1959–2008).

Professor Cheng is also on the Editorial Boards of the International Journal of Advanced Operations Management, International Journal of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modelling, International Journal of Electronic Transport, International Journal of Information and Operations Management Education and International Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research, while Professor Laporte also serves on the European Journal of Industrial Engineering and International Journal of Advanced Operations Management Boards.

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