January 2016 Journal news

New submissions and peer-review system

We are very pleased to announce that the new version of our submissions and peer-review system - Inderscience Submissions - is now in operation. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Improved layout and clearer display of actions required
  • Streamlined 'behind the scenes' production process, facilitating quicker publication of issues
  • Enhanced statistics for editors covering articles and reports on reviewer actions
  • Improved wording for system-based emails, with the facility for editors to edit their own.
  • Sending of article proofs is now within the system, enabling all the history of the article to be kept within the record.

The longer term benefits of this new system are that we are better able to adapt and enhance our publication process as new technologies and capabilities come along.

To manage the high volume of submissions that we receive, we are operating a gradual changeover of journal titles and functionality from the current system (190OSPEERS) to Inderscience Submissions.

We have divided our journal titles into small groups and we will be enabling the use of the new system group by group over a period of time.

From now on, any new submissions to the selected journals will be submitted to the new system - Inderscience Submissions. Selection of reviewers and the management of the peer-review process and all subsequent production stages for these new submissions will be managed using this new system.

Any existing submissions currently in OSPEERS will remain in OSPEERS to be worked on using that system.

If any editors would like their journals to be involved in the second group of titles to be transferred, then feel free to put in a request.

For this or any other queries about the new system, please contact: submissionssupport@inderscience.com and our Inderscience Submissions team will be pleased to assist.

Dr. Mohammed Dorgham
Inderscience Publishers Ltd.

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