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International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development
International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development


Special Issue on: "Mergers and Acquisitions in the High-tech Industry: Investment Strategies, Value Creation and Innovation"

Guest Editors:
Dr. Matteo Rossi and Dr. Giuseppe Festa, University of Sannio, Italy
Prof. Manlio Del Giudice, Link University, Italy

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) have been studied using different approaches that have generated a considerable amount of empirical and theoretical studies, resulting in a high fragmentation of points of view (Capasso and Meglio, 2005). This phenomenon is particularly true for high-tech sectors that have been increasingly characterised by a significant expansion of M&As’ activity (Chadam and Pastuszak 2013; Rossi et al., 2013). Furthermore, the very definition of “hi-tech M&A” also presents difficulties. In fact, M&As in high technology sectors concern two different typologies of acquisitions: the acquisition of high-tech companies and acquisitions in which technology is only one component of the acquired firm’s assets (Ahuja and Katila 2001).

The purpose of this Special Issue is to analyse the phenomenon of mergers and acquisitions in high-tech sectors. Recent years have witnessed an impressive wave of M&As, but these operations, despite their popularity, have produced mixed results for their stakeholders and presented no systemic vision (Rossi, 2015).

Subject Coverage
Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • M&A and value creation
  • M&A in different countries,
  • M&A in different industries (high-tech vs. traditional)
  • M&A as financial choice
  • Organisational changes in M&As

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Important Dates

Manuscripts due by: 30 November, 2017





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