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International Journal of Global Environmental Issues
International Journal of Global Environmental Issues


Special Issue on: “Environmental Conflict and Security Revisited: Examining Multilevel Interactions and Responses to Environmental Degradation”

Guest Editor:
Professor Peter Stoett, Concordia University, Canada
Christopher Gore, University of Toronto, Canada

While a plethora of investigation has explored the links between environmental/resource conflict and (in)security, many studies are based on a single level of analysis, privileging the state, the international community, municipal government, non-state actors, or others. The purpose of this call for papers is to revisit, reflect, open, and advance the debate over environmental resources and conflict and to encourage an explicitly multilevel analytic approach.

Conflict is defined broadly, to not only include examples of specific human conflict over resources, but also conflicts between policy prescriptions and norms relating to environmental degradation and resource use. Beyond conflicts between social groups over natural resources, we are interested in analyses of conflict between different levels of governance and human agency.

Contributions from a wide range of disciplines are encouraged, including but not limited to history, sociology, anthropology, political science, environmental studies, development studies, geography, economics, and natural sciences.

Subject Coverage
Any substantive research paper considering environmental conflict is encouraged, especially those that attempt to advance or open debate and knowledge over environmental degradation and conflict. A non-exhaustive list of potential issues or themes for papers include:
  • Reflections on specific characteristics of environmental issues which make them more prone to conflict
  • Revisiting the analytical and prescriptive utility of the relationship between environmental degradation and conflict with reflections on advancing the field
  • Reflections on conflict over meanings of environmental terminology relating to degradation (common pool resources, scarcity, security, sustainability)
  • Conflict between and amongst international, national and local policy
  • prescriptions over use of environmental resources. For example anthropological or sociological analyses of community use of environmental resources and how these converge or conflicts with national and international policy prescriptions
  • Conflict over various narratives/stories/understandings of environmental degradation, e.g., between communities and governments
  • Tension between resource extraction for international markets and resource extraction for local, domestic or regional use
  • Inter or intra-state conflict over use or allocation of resources
  • Conflict between science/expert knowledge and indigenous/community knowledge of environmental resources
  • Tensions over resource use at the urban-rural interface
  • Conflict over allocation of scarce resources
  • Intra or inter-state conflict over the administration of resources, e.g., inter-state inter-departmental conflict over resource management

Notes for Prospective Authors

Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere

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Important Dates

Deadline for paper submission: 15 February 2006

The first referees’ evaluation due: 28 March 2006

The revised version due: 30 April 2006

The second referee’s evaluation due: 31 May 2006

The final manuscript due: 31 June 2006