Chapter 14: Transportation Studies

Pages Title and author(s)
430 - 439Title: Airline alliance service quality performance: an analysis of US and EU member airlines
Siobhan Tiernan, Dawna Rhoades, Blaise Waguespack
440 - 450Title: Port development and public private partnerships: some risk management considerations
Morrison Handley-Schachler, Shraddha Sathe, Jyoti Navare
451 - 460Title: Low cost carriers: threat or opportunity forEuropean tour operators? Some initial research findings
Mary Wallace, Siobhan Tiernan, Timo Linck
461 - 470Title: The Florida cruise ship industry: economic impact and limits to growth
Dawna L. Rhoades
471 - 481Title: Parking management measures in the workplace (parking cash-out) at Napier University Edinburgh
Wafaa Saleh, Séona Farrell