Chapter 4: Information Architectures and Implementation

Title: Modelling Web-services for PLM N-tier Architecture

Author(s): Iliya Georgiev, Jivka Ovtcharova

Address: Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences Metro State College of Denver Campus Box 38, P.O. Box 173362, Denver, CO 80217 USA | Institute for Applied Computer Science in Mechanical Engineering University Karlsruhe Kaiser str. 12, D-76131 Karlsruhe Germany

Reference: International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management 2005 pp. 199 - 209

Abstract/Summary: The dominating trend in PLM is to create n-tier architecture with web services that would allow the related enterprises to operate as a single entity. The paper describes a modelling environment of web-services to support easy prototyping of PLM n-tier system. A synchronization model of control web services has been defined. The modelling approach was practically implemented in a PLM system under development.

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