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Regular Issues

  • Business Economics Research in the Context of Covid-19 Pandemic: A Crisis Management Perspective   Order a copy of this article
    by Budi Harsanto, Egi Arvian Firmansyah 
    Abstract: The economic downturn that followed the Covid-19 pandemic is widely considered the worst since the second world war. This study builds on past research by aiming to give an up-to-date research environment over a more extended period for business economics in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The application of bibliometric and content analysis is linked to the concept of crisis management. The Covid-19 pandemic has gone through several phases, including pre-crisis, events, crisis response management, investigation, organizational learning, and implementation. From this analysis, it is found that the focus of research on the publication of business economics research so far has been in the event phase, which investigates the impacts of the pandemic on individual perceptions, inequality in work, impact on the stock market and risk, unemployment and public health, and consumption changes and consumer behavior. The crisis response management provided by the business in dealing with the pandemic, among others, is through increasing awareness about well-being and technology adoption, locking and social distancing, and optimizing information and communication management. There is still little attention given after the crisis response management phase, namely the investigation, organizational learning, and implementation phases which are essential to building resilience when facing similar crises in the future.
    Keywords: business economics; management; pandemic; bibliometric; content analysis; crisis management.

  • Contributions of the balanced scorecard as a support instrument in strategic decision-making: A bibliometric study   Order a copy of this article
    by Sidalina Maria Dos Santos Gonçalves, José Bileu Ventura, Orlando Manuel Rua, Óscar Bernardes 
    Abstract: Despite the existence of various studies and literature reviews conducted around the balanced scorecard theme, it is considered important to undertake an in-depth update of the state of the art on this subject. To achieve this purpose, our research aims to conduct a bibliometric study to analyse the contributions of the balanced scorecard as an instrument to support strategic decision-making. To this end, we conducted a comprehensive state-of-the-art survey from an advanced search based on the Web of Science. 1,768 articles, published between 1992 and 2021, were considered for this purpose. The analysis is done using innovative software for bibliometric analysis
    Keywords: balanced scorecard; BSC; bibliometric analysis; state-of-the-art; Web of Science; WoS; R. bibliometrix; strategy; decision; value.
    DOI: 10.1504/IJBBM.2023.10055030
  • Green Manufacturing Practices: A Bibliometric and Thematic Analysis   Order a copy of this article
    by Mukesh Kumar, Vikrant Sharma 
    Abstract: Green Manufacturing provides cost-effective ways to address environmental concerns. This study discusses the significant facets and current practices of green manufacturing. Between 1995 and the early 2020s, a bibliometric analysis of 300 studies is conducted to identify research activity on green manufacturing practices. The data is then analyzed using the Bibliometrix R package. Our study employed scientific methods to comb through a large body of literature. To determine influence, we look for highly cited articles and authors. The paper examines the literature on current topics, impediments to literature growth, and potential future research areas. These findings can be used to promote green manufacturing by educators, researchers, and stakeholders.
    Keywords: Green manufacturing; Practices; Scopus; Bibliometric analysis; Thematic analysis.
    DOI: 10.1504/IJBBM.2023.10056407