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Regular Issues

  • A Review of Accounting Research from the Gulf Cooperation Council Region   Order a copy of this article
    by Ali Uyar, Mehmet Ali Koseoglu 
    Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to review, criticize, and synthesize the accounting literature in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, and to identify where the GCC region fits into the orientation of mainstream international accounting research. In total, we have reviewed 127 papers regarding the countries in the GCC region and explored accounting research over several dimensions: the evolution of research over time, country-level analysis, authorship patterns, prominent affiliations, outstanding journals publishing the papers, theory implementation and diffusion, and statistical tools used. The findings point to gaps in prior studies and provide possible future avenues for research in the GCC region.
    Keywords: Accounting; Research Orientation; Literature Review; GCC.

  • On Submarine Pipelines: A Bibliometric Analysis and Visualisation of Literature and Patents   Order a copy of this article
    by Tongtong Li 
    Abstract: Submarine pipelines, regarded as the blood vessels in offshore oil and gas engineering, are constantly being studied and developed in both the academia and the industry. In order to understand how researches and technologies related to submarine pipelines evolved during the past years and forecast future lines of research, the existing literature and patents regarding submarine pipelines are retrieved from Web of Science, and a bibliometric analysis for co-authorship, citation, keyword co-occurrence, technology evolution, etc., are conducted and visualised.
    Keywords: submarine pipeline; offshore engineering; bibliometric; scientometric; mapping knowledge domain; patent analysis; visualised analysis; visualisation; science mapping; citation analysis.

  • PIERRE BOURDIEU AND ORGANISATION STUDIES: a theoretical-methodological (mis)appropriation   Order a copy of this article
    by Jacques Haruo Fukushigue Jan-Chiba, Rafael Borim-de-Souza, Beatriz Lima Zanoni, Henrique Letrari 
    Abstract: This research mapped through a bibliometric study in international journals of A1, A2, B1 and B2 Qualis of "administration, accounting sciences and tourism" area, the organisation studies papers that addressed Bourdieus contributions in their discussions. This paper explored the Bourdieusian works main properties and characteristics and the most present concepts in the bibliometric study. The quantitative-descriptive analysis highlighted information about involved authors, institutions and countries, and the papers quantity distributed by years and journals. In the qualitative-exploratory analysis, information pertinent to the publications on discussed topics most approached Bourdieus works and concepts and the most used methodological procedures were detailed. As a methodological proposal, contributions from other perspectives of social research with Pierre Bourdieu as reference were indicated.
    Keywords: Organizational Studies. Pierre Bourdieu. Bibliometry.

  • Thematic structure of accounting research by co-word analysis   Order a copy of this article
    by Merve Kilic, Ali Uyar 
    Abstract: This paper aims to discover the thematic structure of the accounting field and to highlight prominent, emerging, and fading themes across periods and regions. This study follows a systematic approach benefiting from co-word analysis through social network analysis and visualization maps. This analysis considers the keywords presented within 7,250 articles published by 22 accounting journals over the period from 2000 to 2016. The results indicated that the themes of earnings management, corporate governance, disclosure, auditing, voluntary disclosure, conservatism, analyst forecasts, and executive compensation were the most prominent topics in accounting research. In addition, the regional co-word analysis found that while the regions of North America and Asia mostly focused on auditing- and earnings-related themes, Europe and Oceania focused on management accounting, corporate social responsibility, performance measurement, public sector, and accounting history. This is an initial attempt to examine the thematic structure of the accounting field using co-word analysis.
    Keywords: thematic structure; accounting research; co-word analysis; co-word network; network analysis.

  • Mapping and Trends of Research in Finance Journals   Order a copy of this article
    by Naba Kumar Das 
    Abstract: This paper seeks to map the various literature published in the domain of finance from the top ten finance journals as listed in google scholar for the year 2019. A total of 864 research articles are considered for the study and the same are segregated into various parameters like Asset pricing, Institutional investors, Banking, Corporate finance, Corporate taxation, House pricing, Insurance, Executive Policy, Taxation to draw a mapping on recent trends in finance. Out of the 864 publications, the majority, i.e. 48.51 per cent is from Asset pricing followed by Banking which contributed 16.13 per cent of the total publication. The study will be beneficial for academicians, researchers and other stakeholders to have a better understanding of recent trends of literature published in the said finance journals.
    Keywords: Asset pricing; Institutional investors; Banking; Corporate finance; corporate taxation.

  • Bibliometric Analysis of Studies done in Culture, Brand and Purchase Intentions in Business Management and Accounting, Social Science and Psychology   Order a copy of this article
    by Shruti Mishra, Bhavna Pandey, Sujata Shahi 
    Abstract: The main objective of the paper is to study the existing literature that exist on culture, brand and purchase intention in the field of business management & accounting, social science and psychology. In addition, it provides critical evaluation of 169 papers in Scopus database since 1993 when the three variables were first studied together. The paper uses citation analysis based on keyword search. Apart from Scopus analysis, VOS viewer & excel sheet has been used. This paper uses bibliometric indicators to represent the bibliographic data found in Scopus database, including the total number of publications and citation between 1993 and 2020. The analysis of the articles shows that there has been an increase in interest in the last few years in the area of culture, brand and purchase. It also, helps us identify the right articles based on their performance measurements and metrics and the most influential authors. It concludes with a conceptual framework and how an understanding of culture would impact our decision in the field of brand and marketing, and the importance to rekindle the research in this field
    Keywords: Bibliometric Analysis; Scopus; Culture; Brand; Purchase.

  • Determining an authors impact with f-, c- and mh-indices   Order a copy of this article
    by Manoj Kumar Yadav 
    Abstract: The existing indices like h-index, i10-index, g-index and AIF (Author Impact Factor) do not take into account of the order of an author in the list of authors in an article. In this article we have proposed f-index to show the number of articles with the concerned author as the first author, c-index to show the number of articles with the concerned author as the corresponding author and mh-index as the modified form of h-index. The modified h-index mh incorporates only 50% credit of articles in which the concerned author is not the first author.
    Keywords: h-index; i10-index; g-index; f-index; c-index; mh-index.

  • BiblioBoP: A promising scope of Bottom of the Pyramid related research through Bibliometric approach   Order a copy of this article
    by Debadrita Panda, Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay, Tej Narayan Shaw, Subhadip Banerjee 
    Abstract: The emergent field of Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) is rapidly evolving in terms of academic publications. It has become imperative to keep track of the publications to find out various information like authors, country, emerging themes, research gap and further scope of research. This paper proposes a bibliometric approach and begins with identifying 1113 articles on the global perspective from the Scopus database. With the help of Biblioshiny, a web interface for Bibliometrix package, publication evolution over time, identification of current research areas and potential direction of future research and many more have been identified for a refined result of 1029 papers. This mixed review method involving the quantitative bibliometric analysis and qualitative content analysis indicates a sustainable picture of current research and noteworthy future scope for both Global and Indian perspectives. As a whole, this study aims to provide a robust roadmap about the BoP literature.
    Keywords: BoP; Bibliometrics; Literature Review; Mixed Review method; R Package.