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International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising
International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising


Special Issue on: “Mobile Adcommunication”

Guest Editor: Jaana Tähtinen, University of Oulu, Finland

Commercial communication sent to and received from mobile hand held devices is among the newest ways for marketers to talk to their customers. Mobile adcommunication continues to grow as mobile technology advances and the penetration of advanced mobile phones increases. Text and multimedia messages are used to communicate with customers, both in consumer and business-to-business markets. In research, the topic has been addressed under such labels as mobile marketing, mobile commerce and/or business, mobile advertising and mobile adcommunication.

Recent study suggests that no other form of commercial communication shares the exact same essential elements with the mobile form, making it unique and deserving a concept of its own; mobile adcommunication. The distinctive features of m-adcommunication are interactivity of the media, the personal nature of the mobile device, its potential for use in a context-sensitive way, for example when the customer is actually shopping, and its ubiquity and speed. M-adcommunication as a term highlights the importance of mobile media being used only when it suits well to the purpose of the communication, when the receivers are known to the extent that the messages can be personalised to provide value to them, and when dialogue is possible.

In spite of the rapid increase in studies focusing on mobile adcommunication, the theory development and conceptualisations of mobile means of commercial communication suffer from a lack of attention. The purpose of this special issue is to advance the theory development in this area and bring forward multiple aspects of the phenomenon. The theme covers all commercial communication delivered via mobile hand held devices (e.g. mobile phones, PDAs). Theoretical (including reviews) and qualitative and quantitative empirical papers from consumers' and from marketers' point of view are welcome.

Subject Coverage
Topics of relevance to this special issue include, but are not limited to:
  • Mobile adcommunication in business to consumers/business to business markets
  • Word of mouth in mobile adcommunication
  • Mobile adcommunication as a part of CRM, IMC, or direct marketing
  • Ethics and legal considerations in mobile adcommunication
  • Efficiency of mobile adcommunication
  • Creativity in mobile adcommunication
  • Mobile adcommunication in non-profit marketing
  • Service quality of mobile adcommunication
  • Global issues in mobile adcommunication
  • Business models within mobile adcommunication
  • Mobile adcommunication and advertising agencies

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