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International Journal of Electronic Business
International Journal of Electronic Business


Special Issue on: “Sponsored Search”

Guest Editors:
Bernard J. Jansen, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Abdur Chowdhury, AOL and the Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

In 1998, the Idea Labs introduced the concept of sponsored search in a response to spam that was plaguing search engine results. The sponsored search model has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry that could, has, and is changing the way that information is delivered on the Web, search engines are financed, and organisations spend their advertising dollars. Because of its uniquely dynamic contextual interplay among participants, sponsored search has implications for marketing practices, information searching theories, advertising models, and Web systems, along with information architecture.

This dynamic information seeking process has ramifications for how one views human information behavior in the vibrant, multi-actor environment of the Web. There are economic ramifications and potential consequences in terms of ecommerce, political discussions, educational issues and social participation. Sponsored search, in other words, is both a rich area for research and an area with significant implications for businesses, systems, searchers, and content.

This special issue will be devoted to bringing together marketing professionals, computer scientists, information scientists, Web search researchers, economists, and Web entrepreneurs to address fundamental issues in designing sponsored search systems and propose ways to apply these systems to improve the quality of human life.

There are various important areas within the sponsored search paradigm of significant and broad appeal. How can one execute the bidding in a fair, effective, and efficient manner? What is the future search engine functionality needed to further enhance sponsored search? How do we maintain the health of the process in the face of click fraud? How must we refine our theoretical views and models of information searching and e-commerce? How can we modify our current theories and models to incorporate and include the content providers as active participants in the information searching process?

Subject Coverage
Coverage includes, but is not limited to, the following subjects:
  • Algorithmic implementations
  • Bidding strategies
  • Click fraud
  • Content providers
  • Online auctions
  • Ranking effect
  • Search engine marketing strategies
  • Search engine trust
  • Sponsored link creation
  • User interfaces
  • User studies

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