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European Journal of International Management
European Journal of International Management


Thematic Issue: "Internationalization of SMEs"

Guest Editors:
David B. Audretsch, University of Indiana, USA
Domingo Ribeiro Soriano, University of Valencia, Spain
Daniel Palacios-Marqués, Technical University Valencia, Spain

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the most common type of firm found in today’s global economy. Porter indicated that the success of SMEs, under the effects of globalization, depends on the formulation and implementation of strategies. SMEs are increasingly facing international problems similar to those of larger firms. However, in recent years it has been widely demonstrated that SMEs can adapt more easily to changes in the environment owing to their more manageable size, and also that they can compete with large organizations through specialization and networks provided by new technology. As a result, today's companies have to respond to markets at an increasingly faster pace and are forced to play a role in international markets.

Internationalization can take many forms, such as imports, exports, foreign direct investment or international collaboration, in order to access know-how or technology. Several international studies have indicated that internationalization is often accompanied by improved performance and competitiveness in SMEs, since internationalization provides opportunities to improve productivity and increase their chances of survival.

Changes that have affected the market and businesses, such as the sweeping tide of globalization, must be analysed and documented in the near future so that existing empirical studies and theories may constitute a multi-disciplinary guide for researchers, scholars, consultants, entrepreneurs, businessmen, managers, government agencies, policy makers.

The main aim of this thematic issue is to analyse the current state of the relationship between internationalization and SMEs as a result of new factors that characterize today’s international economic climate. The issue will deal with the diverse and complex characteristics of internationalization in small organizations that lead to competitiveness in the face of the effects of globalization.

Subject Coverage
Examples of topics appropriate to the theme of internationalization in SMEs include but are not limited to:
  • Interfaces between internationalization and small businesses in the present global market
  • Knowledge management and internationalization in SMEs
  • Internationalization as an economic development strategy for small organizations
  • Educational internationalization in small business
  • Institutional aid and policy initiatives to internationalization in small organizations
  • Small business and international networks
  • Promoting internationalization in emerging economies
  • Specific management practices that small organizations need to use to achieve international activities
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to the study of internationalization in SMEs
  • Internationalization and its relation to human resources in small business
  • Ethical context of internationalization in small business
  • Small franchisor organizations
  • Internationalization in the small not-for-profit sector
  • Implications of management in the international small public sector
  • Comparison of internationalization of SMEs in different countries
  • Internationalization training for emerging small organizations
  • Internationalization in microenterprises
  • New tendencies and research in internationalization and small business
  • Similarities and differences in the internationalization of SMEs and the specific factors affecting them

Notes for Prospective Authors

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Important Dates

Draft submission deadline: September 15, 2011

Final paper submission deadline: December 15, 2011

Publication release: October 2012