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International Journal of Sensor Networks
International Journal of Sensor Networks


Special Issue on: "Multimedia Data Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks"

Guest Editors:
Dr. Jinli Cao, La Trobe University, Australia
Professor Xiaohua Jia, City University of Hong Kong, PR China
Dr. Leon L. Shu, Digital Enterprise Research Institute, National University of Ireland, Ireland

With recent technological advances in communication and computation, new wireless sensor network (WSN) applications are growing. The emergence of low-energy and low-cost multimedia devices, such as microphones and cameras, has stimulated the development of the next generation WSNs, known as wireless multimedia sensor network (WMSN). WMSNs have brought unprecedented potential, especially for applications requiring ubiquitous access to the multimedia contents such as still images, audio and video streams. The extra sensor capacity and various requirements of multimedia objects in-network processing also pose new and unique challenges. These challenges are crucial about how to energy-efficiently query, process, transfer, and store voluminous multimedia objects, since most multimedia sensors are operated under limited battery power. Additionally, relatively slow advances in battery technologies mean that energy constrains the potentially fast progress in WMSNs.

This special issue will bring together those leading researchers and developers in fields of data and resource management, distributed storage techniques and energy efficiency to study the particular problems and challenges of wireless multimedia sensor networks. Its purpose is therefore to foster communications between various communities, including distributed database management communities, multimedia communication communities and sensor networks communities, and establish a common ground for advanced research and development in wireless multimedia sensor networks.

The published papers are expected to present high quality results on state-of-the-art algorithms, novel techniques and real applications associated with wireless multimedia sensor networks.

Subject Coverage
Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:
Multimedia in-network processing in WMSNs
  • Distributed source coding in WMSNs
  • Multimedia aggregation and fusion in WMSNs
  • Low-bit rate and energy-efficient multimedia source coding for WMSNs
WMSN architectures and applications
  • Scalable and flexible¬†WMSN architecture
  • WMSN design for supporting heterogenous applications
  • Multimedia sensor coverage
  • Novel WMSN applications
  • Experimental studies of WMSNs
  • WMSN modelling and performance analysis
Emerging WMSN technologies
  • Hardware platforms
  • Physical layer technologies
  • Energy harvesting technologies
Effective and energy-efficient protocols for WMSNs
  • Real-time and reliable multimedia streaming
  • Routing and medium access¬†control
  • Topology control and synchronisation protocols
  • Energy efficient traffic management
  • QoS provisioning protocols
Cross-layer design in WMSNs
  • Joint multimedia processing and communication
  • Cooperative communication for multimedia delivery
  • Effective cross-layer communication protocols
  • Joint optimisation for WMSN design
Data management for WMSNs
  • In-network and distributed storage techniques for WMSNs
  • Lightweight multimedia encoding techniques
  • Collaborative in-network processing
  • Energy-efficient DBMS for WMSNs

Notes for Prospective Authors

Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere

All papers are refereed through a double-blind review process. A guide for authors, sample copies and other relevant information for submitting papers are available on the Author Guidelines page

Important Dates

Manuscript due: 28 November, 2009

Acceptance/rejection notification: 31 March, 2010

Final manuscript due: 31 June, 2010