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Title: Performance evaluation of SDWNs in cloud systems

Authors: Muhammad Salah ud din; Byung-Seo Kim

Addresses: Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, Hongik University, Sejong, South Korea ' Department of Software and Communications, Hongik University, Sejong, South Korea

Abstract: The bursty traffic conditions and fast mobility of consumers induce significant delays in wireless networks. Taking the aforementioned factors into account, designing cost-effective wireless solutions with efficient resource usage and manageability is significantly challenging. Although cloud providers undeniably offer high-performance scalable wireless networks, delays may occur due to frequent packet losses as a result of weak signal strength, high mobility, and congestion. There is a slight difference between a wireless networking environment and typical wired networks, however, in practice, various variables exist, making it impossible to fully implement the core advantages of SDN such as rapid data processing, among others. To cope with such situations, we propose software-defined wireless networking (SDWN), a new means for wireless network virtualisation and programming capabilities. Moreover, to evaluate the proposed system, Mininet-WiFi in SDWN is used and conduct an experimental study in terms of packet transmission time and mobility visualisation over distance.

Keywords: software defined networking; SDN; software-defined wireless networking; SDWN; Mininet; Mininet-WiFi; controller; OpenFlow; emulator; wireless network; cloud system.

DOI: 10.1504/IJICT.2022.126492

International Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 2022 Vol.21 No.4, pp.445 - 456

Accepted: 25 Jul 2022
Published online: 26 Oct 2022 *