Proceedings of the International Conference on
Product Lifecycle Management    PLM'06
Going beyond product development and delivery

PLM-SP2, 2006

Chapter 1: Early Stage Issues

PagesTitle and authors
3 - 13Assessing Degree of Novelty of Products to Ascertain Innovative Products
Prabir Prabir, Amaresh Chakrabarti
14 - 21Portfolio Management for Digital Manufacturing Using PLM Systems
Jagmeet Singh
22 - 34Product platform modeling based on component reuse
K. Borah, X.G. Ming
37 - 52Approach to Collaborative Product Documentation for Auto and Aero Industry
Srinivasan Mangalam Subramanian, Sukanta Kumar Acharya, Jitesh Sreedharan Nambiar
53 - 62Multi-view model for contextual configuration management in PLM applications
Souheïl Zina, Muriel Lombard, Luc Lossent
63 - 73Ontology-driven data semantics description and sharing in product lifecycle applications
Q. Z. Yang, B. Song
74 - 85An anticipated notification scheme to ensure coherency of a collaborative design framework
M. Sabeur Bettaieb, M. Frederic Noel
86 - 95Enhancing Vehicle Design with Parametric Modeling
Nicole C. Giullian, C. Greg Jensen, Jesse Chandler
96 - 110Understanding of Knowledge Generation During Design Process In Industry
Gokula Vijaykumar A V, Amaresh Chakrabarti
113 - 121Cost-effective Electronic Delivery of Product Data and Documentation
Bruno Schilli, Wolfgang Schellhammer, Harsh Karandikar
122 - 136The Role of Standards in Product Lifecycle Management Support
Sudarsan Rachuri, Eswaran Subrahmanian, Abdelaziz Bouras, Steven J. Fenves, Sebti Foufou, Ram D. Sriram
137 - 151Constructing a neutral data warehouse for sharing product data of nuclear power plants
Duhwan Mun, Soonhung Han, Chan-Cook Park, Youngju Kang, Inhan Kim, Jaero Yoon, Taesung Yoon
152 - 164Feedback from in-service use to improve digital information exchange between engineering and operators of complex systems
Yves Keraron, Alain Bernard, Bruno Bachimont
165 - 175Digital Mock-Up – Capabilities and implementation in the PLM field
Thomas Nguyen Van, Bruno Maille, Bernard Yannou
176 - 186Integration of CAD knowledge with PLM: Application to product development process during requirements clarification and detailed design phases
Guillaume Ducellier, Benoit Eynard, Emmanuel Caillaud
189 - 201PLM - Incorporating Customer for Total Product Decision
Vikas Ohri
202 - 212Methodologies in the Product Lifecycle
Sergio Terzi, Marco Garetti, Marco Macchi
213 - 221Vehicle Relationship Management for Product Lifecycle Support
Tsutomu Tsuyama, Hirotaka Morita, Norito Watanabe, Tsuneo Sobue, Akira Yano, Daisuke Shibata
222 - 237The PLM Business Model in the Engineering and Contracting Companies
Mario Tucci, Diego Carli
238 - 250Production cost estimation within a PLM context in Vaccine Industry
Néjib Moalla, Abdelaziz Bouras, Yacine Ouzrout, Gilles Neubert, Nicolas Tricca
251 - 263A Framework for an Intelligent Design-support System Based on Product Lifecycle Data
B. Song, X. Li, W.K. Ng
267 - 277Scenario Creation for New Environmentally Conscious Product using Product Lifecycle Simulation System
Kazuhiro Sakita, Tatsuo Mori
278 - 286Dynamic Lifecycle Control of Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Jörg Niemann, Engelbert Westkämper
287 - 299Development of Ecological Plant Indicators for a Small Sized Enterprise
Stefano Apolloni, Matteo M. Savino
300 - 313Understanding the Evolution of Product Lifecycle Information with respect to Lifecycle Assessment in Design
Srinivas Kota, Amaresh Chakrabarti
317 - 328E-Manufacturing Collaboration Portal supporting PLM of Mold SMEs in Korea
Honzong Choi, Kwangyeol Ryu, Seokwoo Lee, Wonpyo Hong, Sungho Nam
329 - 337Warranty Management with PLM systems
Abhishek Singh
338 - 348Engineering Data Management for extended enterprise - Context of the European VIVACE Project
Thomas Nguyen Van, Frédéric Féru, Pascal Guellec, Bernard Yannou
349 - 362A QFD based approach for identifying an appropriate PDM system for a company
G. Balakrishnan, C. Jebaraj
PagesTitle and authors