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"The Top 300" lists the "most used" articles, published in Inderscience journals. These are the articles that have been downloaded the most number of times from our site from May 2004 to December 2005.
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1     Social responsibility disclosure and corporate characteristics: the case of Jordanian industrial com...Mishiel Said Suwaidan, Ahmad M...IJAAPE151      
2     Corporate governance: earnings management linkages: impact of audit committee composition and operat...S. Mitchell Williams, Greg Tow...IJAAPE146      
3     Converting the accounting system of a transition economy: a case study of RussiaGalina G. Preobragenskaya, Rob...IJAAPE140      
4     Audit effectiveness preceding bankruptcy in UK financial institutionsCharles A. Malgwi, Emmanuel N....IJAAPE136      
5     Law, religiosity and earnings opacity internationallyAhmed Riahi-BelkaouiIJAAPE135      
6     The impact of contextual changes on management accounting practices: evidence from a government trad...Sujatha PereraIJAAPE133      
7     Firm characteristics and voluntary disclosure of geographic segment data by US multinational compani...Mahmud Hossain, Santanu MitraIJAAPE43      
8     Management control systems in Finnish technology companies: search for a typology of MCS mixErkki K. Laitinen, Tom Wingren...IJAAPE41      
9     The changing geography of the European automobile systemYannick LungIJATM51      
10     Relationships between the core and the periphery of the European automotive systemJean-Jacques ChanaronIJATM39      
11     Testing technological tableaux: actor coalitions in hydrogen and fuel cell developmentPal NasjeIJATM39      
12     Performance simulation of R410A air conditioning system with variable speedsZaoxiao Zhang, Yongzhang Yu, L...IJCAT123      
13     Perturbation of transient forming vortex in pipeSutthiphong SrigraromIJCAT117      
14     Measurement and finite element analysis of temperature distribution in arc welding processC.K. Lee, J. Candy, C.P.H. TanIJCAT116      
15     A numerical study of fluid–solid interaction in screw compressorsAhmed Kovacevic, Nikola Stosic...IJCAT115      
16     Steam compression with inner evaporative spray cooling: a case studyJian Qui, Zhaolin Gu, Guoguang...IJCAT111      
17     Modelling and testing of a novel evaporative coolerSaffa Riffat, Jie ZhuIJCAT110      
18     Application of a fuzzy enhance adaptive control on active suspension systemShiuh-Jer Huang, Chiang-Wei Li...IJCAT46      
19     Integration of bidding and procurement systems with e-marketplaces: case study of an Austrian tile l...J. Zabel, O. Peters, F. Weber,...IJCAT43      
20     Application of object-oriented UML technique for product data management: a case study in steel indu...H.K-C. Chang, R. Tsai, C. Hsiu...IJCAT41      
21     An enterprise model and the organisation of ERPW.H. Ip, B. ChenIJCAT40      
22     Laser Doppler perfusion imaging for the study of alternative medicineE.Y.K. Ng, S.C. FokIJCAT39      
23     Shifting scales on common ground: developing personal expressions and public opinionsMike Ananny, Carol Strohecker,...IJCEELL71      
24     Privacy and personalisation in a smart space for learningTomaz Klobucar, Vanja Senicar,...IJCEELL45      
25     Knowledge sharing in online communities and its relevance to knowledge management in the e-business ...Christopher LuegIJEB72      
26     Strategic positioning for real-estate management in Australia: implementing e-business for competiti...John Hamilton, Willem SelenIJEB39      
27     Development of an evaluation system of personal e-business competency and maturity levelsChui Young Yoon, Choon Seong L...IJEB38      
28     The science park phenomenon: development, evolution and typologyYuehua ZhangIJEIM74      
29     The role of the Network Lead Company in integrating the NPD process across strategic partnersYuosre F. Badir, Bettina Buche...IJEIM69      
30     Facilitating innovation across SME networksIan Barclay, Keith PorterIJEIM65      
31     On the explanation of horizontal, vertical and cross-sector R&D partnerships – evidence for the Ge...Uschi Backes-Gellner, Frank Ma...IJEIM65      
32     Observations on collaborative practices and relative success of small technology-innovating firms su...Jacob V.R. Pretorius, Christop...IJEIM64      
33     Needs of business assistance programmes to stages of growth in Korean venture companiesSang Suk LeeIJEIM63      
34     The evolution of R&D networking in the biotech industriesAndreas Pyka, Paolo SaviottiIJEIM60      
35     Innovation networks in the biopharmaceutical sector: a study of UK small- and medium-sized enterpris...Calin GurauIJEIM58      
36     Innovation management in networks of entrepreneurial firmsMartin Luggen, Beat Birkenmeie...IJEIM52      
37     Israel, a powerhouse for networked entrepreneurshipGeorges HaourIJEIM51      
38     Case study: Hindustan Lever Limited and marketing to the poorest of the poorPia Sabharwal Ahmad, Michael E...IJEIM43      
39     Globalisation and rural povertyRavi Ratilal Bhensdadia, Leo P...IJEIM43      
40     Research note: impact of the charitable touristTeresa E. DanaIJEIM42      
41     The management of financial resources to sustain the academic incubators of entrepreneurial ideas: t...Eugenio Corti, Ilenia TorelloIJEIM42      
42     Do we know if we create or destroy value?Ante PulicIJEIM39      
43     Empowering the poor through microcreditMei Hwa AngIJEIM39      
44     Strategy and povertyAlan E. SingerIJEIM38      
45     A simulation tool for life cycle costing of water supply infrastructure in seismically active zonesIrmak Renda-Tanali, Christophe...IJEM57      
46     Group method of data handling (GMDH) in modelling of growth dynamics of trees irrigated with wastewa...Ioannis Kalavrouziotis, Volody...IJEP60      
47     Measurement of ammonia emissions using various techniques in a comparative tunnel studyL. Emmenegger, J. Mohn, M. Sig...IJEP51      
48     The reuse of wastewater and sludge for cultivation of forestry trees in desert areas in GreeceIoannis Kalavrouziotis, Theofa...IJEP51      
49     The benzene problem: impact of three-way catalyst technology: potential for further improvementNorbert V. Heeb, Anna-Maria Fo...IJEP49      
50     Long-term simulations of particulate matter in Europe on different scales using sequential nesting o...M. Memmesheimer, E. Friese, A....IJEP49      
51     Modelling the influence of dimethyl sulphide on aerosol production in the marine boundary layerAllan Gross, Alexander Baklano...IJEP48      
52     Biological decolourisation of simulated azo dye in aqueous phase by algae Spirogyra speciesS.V. Mohan, Y.V. Bhaskar, J. K...IJEP48      
53     Static and dynamic instantaneous emission modellingDelia Ajtay, Martin WeilenmannIJEP48      
54     Real-world and type-approval emission evolution of passenger carsPatrik Soltic, Martin Weilenma...IJEP47      
55     Time-resolved ammonia measurement in vehicle exhaustJoachim Mohn, Anna-Maria Forss...IJEP47      
56     Air pollution and the influence of sources on Paulinia (Brazil) and surroundingsAna Claudia C. De Lima Tresmon...IJEP47      
57     Performance results of a large-scale air pollution model on two parallel computersK. Georgiev, Tz. OstromskyIJEP47      
58     Studying the influence of biogenic emissions on AOT40 levels in EuropeGerald Geernaert, Zahari Zlate...IJEP46      
59     VOC composition and ozone-forming potential of the exhaust gas of in-use motorcyclesPeter Mattrel, Ana-Marija Vasi...IJEP45      
60     Simple modelling approaches to assess the impact of traffic air pollution: Cordoba case studyLuis E. Olcese, Beatriz M. Tos...IJEP45      
61     Development and validation of a fully modular platform for numerical modelling of air pollution: POL...Jaouad Boutahar, Stephanie Lac...IJEP44      
62     Measurements of air–surface exchange rates of volatile organic compoundsDaiwen Kang, Viney Aneja, Mita...IJEP44      
63     Separate determination of PM10 emission factors of road traffi...Robert Gehrig, Matz Hill, Brig...IJEP44      
64     Biomonitoring of air quality employing in situ Ramalina celastri in ArgentinaM.L. Pignata, C.M. Gonzalez, E...IJEP43      
65     Use of abatement cost curves in developing environmental bubble policy for managing SPM in Jamshedpu...V.B. Gupta, Vinay Kumar, K.K. ...IJEP43      
66     Testing weighted splitting schemes on a one-column transport-chemistry modelMike Botchev, Istvan Farago, A...IJEP43      
67     A fine-resolution modelling study of pollution levels in Bulgaria. Part 2: high ozone levelsZahari Zlatev, Dimiter SyrakovIJEP43      
68     A study of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in airborne particulate matter in central TaiwanYuh-Shen Wu, Guor-Cheng Fang, ...IJEP42      
69     Analysis of the effect of zinc ions on activated sludge microbes by random amplified polymorphism DN...Xie BingIJEP42      
70     Another explanation of pollution–income patternsGuiseppe Di VitaIJEP41      
71     Preparation and application of a new composite chitosan flocculantZeng Defang, Yuan JizuIJEP41      
72     Some aspects of air pollution in Buenos Aires cityN.A. Mazzeo, L.E. VenegasIJEP41      
73     Long-range transport of dust to the Baltic Sea regionMarke Hongisto, Mikhail SofievIJEP40      
74     Atmospheric particulate matter in the city of Sao Carlos/SP, BrazilRicardo L. Bruno, Alcione F. A...IJEP40      
75     On the status of environmental education and awareness of undergraduate students at Ankara Universit...Ilkden Talay, Sultan Gunduz, N...IJEP40      
76     Neural network-based study for predicting ground-level ozone concentration in large urban areas, app...R. Guardani, C.A.O. NascimentoIJEP39      
77     Overview and status of post-combustion NOx control: SNCR, SCR ...L.J. Muzio, G.C. Quartucy, J.E...IJEP39      
78     Air quality model simulating photochemical formation of pollutants: the Sao Paulo Metropolitan Area,...Maria De Fatima Andrade, Rita ...IJEP39      
79     Electrochemical oxidation of sulfite ions in aqueous solutionsA.S. Koparal, U. Tezcan Un, U ...IJEP39      
80     Trends in air quality and population exposure in Santiago, Chile, 1989–2001Hector Jorquera, German Orrego...IJEP39      
81     Biomonitoring of concentrations of platinum group elements and their correlations to other metalsA.N. Riga-Karandinos, C. Saita...IJEP39      
82     Study of the pollution exchange between Bulgaria and northern GreeceC. Zerefos, D. Syrakov, K. Gan...IJEP38      
83     Modelling methane and vinyl chloride in soil surrounding landfillsSabah Abdul-WahabIJEP38      
84     Sensitivity analysis of ozone long term simulations to grid resolutionMarco Bedogni, Veronica Gabusi...IJEP38      
85     Towards high growth enterpriseHoward H. FrederickIJESB50      
86     Business start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurshipAnton De WaalIJESB50      
87     GEM New Zealand's different approachHoward H. FrederickIJESB38      
88     Comparison and analysis of the expansion process in a CO2 tra...Zha Shitong, Ma YitaiIJETM47      
89     Ultrasonic removal of cyanobacteriaGuangming Zhang, Bo Wang, Hong...IJETM47      
90     A diesel compound HCCI combustion engine based on injection strategy controlWanhua Su, Tiejian Lin, Yiqian...IJETM46      
91     Temporal behaviour of Asian dust aerosols observed in 2001 using meteorological satellite dataNaoko Iino, Toshiaki Yano, Tos...IJETM43      
92     Lifetime prediction of components for reuse: an overviewSami Kara, Muhammad Ilyas Mazh...IJETM40      
93     New technologies for processing high sulphur oil shales and producing highly priced thiophenesA.I. Blokhin, M.I. ZaretskyIJETM39      
94     The adoption and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies among firmsPeter Nijkamp, Caroline A. Rod...IJETM39      
95     Optimal strategy for algae control in potable water treatment facilitiesNidal Hilal, Nick Hankins, Ik-...IJETM38      
96     Utilisation of shale oil by the extraction and retorting of oil shaleM.Z.A. Anabtawi, N. HilalIJETM38      
97     Satellite analysis and mesoscale behaviour of volcanic plumes and gas from Miyakejima, JapanNaoko Iino, Toshiaki Yano, Kis...IJETM38      
98     Energy policy indicators for the assessment of the Euro-Mediterranean energy cooperationArgyris G. Kagiannas, Alexandr...IJETP40      
99     Benefit-cost analysis of Automotive Lightweighting Material projectsSujit Das, Bruce E. Tonn, Jean...IJETP38      
100     Energy and exergy efficiencies of a solar box-cookerH. Huseyin OzturkIJEX44      
101     Catalytic boilers with catalytic fluidised bedV.I. Kabakov, F.A. PolyvodaIJGEI40      
102     Energy analysis in industrial districts: a statistics-based approachDamiana Chinese, Antonella Men...IJGEI40      
103     Development of institutional frameworks for the management of transboundary water resourcesNurit Kliot, Deborah Shmueli, ...IJGENVI49      
104     Trust and switching cost as a way to build e-loyalty in internet marketsDong-Il Lee, Changsoo SohnIJIEM39      
105     CRM tools and their impact on relationship quality and loyalty in e-tailingGeorg FassottIJIMA144      
106     The determinants and consequences of consumer trust in online environments: an exploratory investiga...Caroline Bramall, Klaus Schoef...IJIMA140      
107     Clicks vs. bricks: internet-facilitated relationships in financial servicesArthur Sweeney, Mark MorrisonIJIMA137      
108     Building inter-firm relationships online: perspectives from the Australian internet banking industrySally RaoIJIMA136      
109     Relationship support activities, community commitment, and voluntary behaviour in online communitiesJae Wook Kim, Jiho Choi, Kyeso...IJIMA134      
110     Retail store layout characteristics as a mechanism for enhancing customer relationships in a retail ...Craig A. Martin, Mark L. Gille...IJIMA125      
111     Contributing and enabling technologies for knowledge managementSandra Moffett, Rodney McAdamIJITM65      
112     What intangible resources do companies value, measure, and report? A synthesis of UK and Finnish res...Dina Gray, Goran Roos, Taru Ra...IJLIC55      
113     Measuring intellectual capital and sources of equity financing – value platform perspective within...Raine Hermans, Martti KulvikIJLIC41      
114     Automating intellectual capital – integrating measures for intangibles into corporate performance ...Bernard MarrIJLIC39      
115     Research areas and challenges for mobile information systemsJohn Krogstie, Kalle Lyytinen,...IJMC203      
116     Web based support for collaborative course design and teaching among university facultiesMichel R. KleinIJMDM38      
117     Growth of a small manufacturing enterprise and critical factors for successSamson Tam, W.B. Lee, Walter W...IJMTM66      
118     A comparative study of virtual prototyping and physical prototypingIan Gibson, Zhan Gao, Ian Camp...IJMTM65      
119     A modelling and manufacturing strategy for the heterogeneous solidsPuneet Tandon, Anuj KantIJMTM61      
120     Linking manufacturing and supply chain strategies: a conceptual frameworkArchie Lockamy IIIIJMTM59      
121     Advanced manufacturing technologies: evidences from Indian automobile companiesG.S. Dangayach, S.G. DeshmukhIJMTM59      
122     Direct layered manufacturing of point sampled objectsG. Saravana Kumar, Prem Kumar ...IJMTM59      
123     A comparative analysis of strategy determinants in manufacturing: some findings in Shanghai and Hong...Kit Fai Pun, Kwai Sang Chin, H...IJMTM55      
124     Reference site methodology for exploitation research in small medium enterprisesWalter W.C. ChungIJMTM55      
125     The making of Boeing 777: a case study in concurrent engineeringK.J. Sharma, B. BowonderIJMTM53      
126     Improving the electronics manufacturing response in an assembly-to-order environmentPetri T. Helo, Olli-Pekka K. H...IJMTM53      
127     Hybrid prototypingRamin Moshfegh, Peter OttossonIJMTM52      
128     Concurrent engineering at Airbus – a case studyRoland Haas, Manoj SinhaIJMTM52      
129     Concurrent engineering for the development of advanced composites technology for light combat aircra...Kota HarinarayanaIJMTM52      
130     Concurrent engineering: basis and implementationB. Bowonder, K.J. SharmaIJMTM52      
131     Current and future use of simulation in designing and analysing manufacturing systemsSoemon TakakuwaIJMTM52      
132     Importance of assembly simulation as an aid for process planning for an aircraft assembly operation:...J. Arnold, M. Ramulu, P.N. RaoIJMTM51      
133     Concurrent engineering in an Indian automobile firm: the experience of Tata MotorsB. BowonderIJMTM51      
134     Concurrent engineering in practice: a brief reviewK. J. SharmaIJMTM51      
135     Total value management in ship buildingSuren N. Dwivedi, Madhusudhan ...IJMTM50      
136     Concurrent engineering in the development of an intermediate jet trainer – a case studyY. Kumar, P. Jayasimha, A. Moh...IJMTM49      
137     Concurrent engineering in a pharmaceutical firm: a case study of Dr Reddy's Laboratories LtdG.V. Prasad, B. Madhusudan RaoIJMTM48      
138     Cooperating for supply chain effectiveness: manufacturing strategy for Chinese OEMsBou-Wen LinIJMTM48      
139     A business needs-based planning methodology for information systems in the firmAlbert H. Rubenstein, Eliezer ...IJMTM48      
140     Manufacturing strategy, total quality management and performance measurement: an integrated modelT.R.M. Lalla, W.G. Lewis, K.F....IJMTM47      
141     Multiple perspectives of concurrent engineering and their integrationB. Bowonder, S. Bhuyan, K.J. S...IJMTM47      
142     Accelerating product development in the automobile industryVenkataramani SumantranIJMTM46      
143     Involving suppliers in concurrent engineering: learning from Japan in US autoYoung K. Ro, Jeffrey K. Liker,...IJMTM45      
144     Concurrent engineering at Titan Industries Ltd: a case study from the watch industryB.V. NagarajIJMTM45      
145     Corporate growth engines: driving to sustainable strategic advantageMichel G. Thouati, Michael Rad...IJMTM44      
146     Rapid manufacturing of medical prosthesesJose C. Ferreira, Nuno M.F. Al...IJMTM44      
147     The best quality management practices in small and medium enterprises: an international studyLouis E. Solis, S. Subba Rao, ...IJMTM43      
148     Strategic and technological innovations in supply chain managementUday M. Apte, S. ViswanathanIJMTM43      
149     Upgrading the competitiveness of East Asia through the more rapid development of human resourcesTsutomu KonoIJMTM42      
150     The adoption of business process reengineering in SMEs: a diffusion of innovation approachK.L. Yung, W.Q. ChanIJMTM42      
151     Impact of cellular manufacturing on supply chain management: exploration of interrelationships betwe...P. Poornachandra Rao, R.P. Moh...IJMTM42      
152     Rapid Cloning (RC): a new reproduction method for complex castingsHeinz Steinbeiss, Timo HanssIJMTM42      
153     Manufacturing in the 21st CenturyJoseph F. CoatesIJMTM41      
154     Reconfigurable manufacturing systems and their enabling technologiesMostafa G. Mehrabi, A.Galip Ul...IJMTM41      
155     Information sharing in a supply chainHau L. Lee, Seungjin WhangIJMTM41      
156     Changing to a lean organisation: the case of a chemicals companyZoe RadnorIJMTM41      
157     Multiple attribute decision making: approach integrating subjective and objective informationQuan Zhang, Jason C.H. Chen, Y...IJMTM41      
158     From static to sensor scheduling: distributed environmentYahya Rashid, Kanji Ueda, Itsu...IJMTM40      
159     Cellular manufacturing and marketing strategy in UK small to medium enterprisesStuart Chambers, Alastair Nich...IJMTM40      
160     Japanese strategy in globally integrated manufacturing: lessons learnedJay LeeIJMTM40      
161     An empirical study on simultaneous achievement of quality, cost and timing in product developmentMahfuzul Hoque, Yasuhiro Monde...IJMTM40      
162     The characteristics of high performing supply chainsNick Oliver, Rick DelbridgeIJMTM40      
163     Concurrent engineering for missile development Prahlada, Atul SenIJMTM39      
164     Linking ERP and SCM systemsJ. Michael Tarn, Muhammad A. R...IJMTM39      
165     The cluster growth methodology and case studyHalvard E. Nystrom, Dan L. Shu...IJMTM39      
166     Some issues of technology management in China: a challenge towards the 21st centuryWang HuijiongIJMTM39      
167     Managing factory operations in China: empirical evidence on the integration of design and productionPaul L. Forrester, John S. Has...IJMTM39      
168     Towards a system dynamics modelling framework for quality in manufacturingPurnendu Mandal, Peter E.D. Lo...IJMTM39      
169     A new approach of the visibility calculation of an objectWilliam Derigent, Sebastien Re...IJMTM39      
170     A path towards the adaptation of quality function deployment in SMEs - a case studyT.W. Leung, P.K. Leung, Chi Ki...IJMTM39      
171     A path-based approach to information technology in manufacturingDavid M. Upton, Andrew P. McAf...IJMTM39      
172     A laboratory infrastructure for flexible automation and integrated manufacturing researchF. Frank Chen, Can SayginIJMTM39      
173     Impact of information systems on Japanese small and medium sized manufacturersHiroki Ishikura, Fumio Yamamot...IJMTM39      
174     Managing science and technology parks in low-tech environments: a resource-based strategic mapping f...Vangelis Souitaris, Timos Dask...IJMTM39      
175     Some developing trends in manufacturer-supplier relationshipsR. BertodoIJMTM39      
176     Competencies management in knowledge-based firmsGianCarlo Michellone, Giuseppe...IJMTM38      
177     Cyclic schedules in production and operations managementKenji YuraIJMTM38      
178     Adaptation of quality function deployment for process reinvention in SMEsWalter W.C. Chung, Jimmy J.F. ...IJMTM38      
179     Multiple case studies of total enterprise integration programs: lessons and benefitsYahaya Y. Yusuf, David Little,...IJMTM38      
180     Nanobelt and nanosaw structures of II-VI semiconductorsChristopher Ma, Daniel Moore, ...IJNT42      
181     A collaborative experimentation environment for biosciencesE.C. Kaletas, H. Afsarmanesh, ...IJNVO39      
182     CORVETTE: a cooperative workflow for virtual teams coordinationK. Baina, F. Charoy, C. Godart...IJNVO39      
183     Past, present and future of rapid prototypingTerry WohlersIJPD40      
184     Polymer-based stents produced by rapid prototyping and toolingChu Sing Lim, Wei Meng Chiang,...IJPD40      
185     Computer rapid design II: applicationsNuno M.F. Alves, Paulo J.S. Ba...IJPD38      
186     Full-energy-chain greenhouse-gas emissions: a comparison between nuclear power, hydropower, solar po...Joop F. van de VateIJRAM62      
187     Soils, souls and agricultural sustainability: the need for connectionStephen Morse, Nora McNamara, ...IJSD139      
188     Collaborative housing and environmental efficiency: the case of food preparation and consumptionAnnika Carlsson-KanyamaIJSD134      
189     How well are resource prices likely to serve as indicators of natural resource scarcity?Philip LawnIJSD127      
190     Does the CDM contribute to sustainable development? Evidence from the AIJ Pilot PhaseJulia Barrera, Reimund Schwarz...IJSD126      
191     Implementing participatory approaches in formulating regional forest policyJayanath AnandaIJSD125      
192     Applying lean manufacturing principles to information intensive servicesUday M. Apte, Chon-Huat GohIJSTM129      
193     Total quality management in small well-established service businessesB.P. Lingaraj, Joseph N. Khama...IJSTM121      
194     Analysis of the relational capital between logistic partnersDiego Jesus Cuello De Oro Cele...IJSTM120      
195     Lean potential of network-enabled remote service outsourcing: spatio-temporal decoupling and resourc...Alfonso DuranIJSTM118      
196     The use of lean indicators for operations management in servicesAngel Martinez Sanchez, Manuel...IJSTM113      
197     Performance measurement of intensive care services in hospitals: the case of BarbadosP.K. Dey, S. Hariharan, A.Y. K...IJSTM111      
198     Statistical quality control in servicesJoanne M. SulekIJSTM111      
199     Lean service operations: translating lean production principles to service operationsPar AhlstromIJSTM111      
200     Taxonomy of services and its relationship with operations and strategy in electronic commerceSung-Eui Cho, Kwangtae Park, J...IJSTM110      
201     A measurement model of technological knowledge in professional firmsFernando Enrique Garcia Muina,...IJSTM109      
202     Characteristics and classification of the annualised working hours planning problemsAlbert Corominas, Amaia Lusa, ...IJSTM105      
203     A lean management implementation method in service operationsLluis CuatrecasasIJSTM101      
204     Mapping the network of global science: comparing international co-authorships from 1990 to 2000Caroline S. Wagner, Loet Leyde...IJTG120      
205     The legal framework for technology development and technology import in ChinaSusan Leung, Jerry Tse, Mark W...IJTM119      
206     Innovation, what innovation? A comparison between product, process and organisational innovationHarry Boer, Willem E. DuringIJTM80      
207     Technology transfer to China: a study of strategy in 20 EU industrial companiesDavid Bennett, Xiaming Liu, Da...IJTM66      
208     Network effects, standardisation and competitive strategy: how companies influence the emergence of ...Marcus EhrhardtIJTM58      
209     Regional intelligence: distributed localised information systems for innovation and developmentNicos KomninosIJTM57      
210     The development of ICT clusters in European cities: towards a typologyWillem Van Winden, André Van ...IJTM56      
211     Organisation and management of research and development facilities – from cost to profit focusInge Kerssens-van Drongelen, A...IJTM55      
212     E-commerce and management of channel conflict: evidence from small manufacturing firms in the UKJun Li, Jay Mitra, Harry Matla...IJTM55      
213     Technology centres in Germany: economic justification, effectiveness and impact on high-tech regionsRolf SternbergIJTM53      
214     Managing knowledge in new product and service development: a new management approach for innovative ...Somchai Numprasertchai, Barbar...IJTM53      
215     Enhancement of global competitiveness for Hong Kong/China manufacturing industries through i-agile v...Richard C.M. Yam, William Lo, ...IJTM53      
216     A framework for supporting the management of technological knowledgeRobert Phaal, Clare J.P. Farru...IJTM52      
217     The role of knowledge management in R&D: a survey of Danish R&D leaders' perceptions and beliefsLars Frode Frederiksen, Sven H...IJTM52      
218     Collaboration in biotechnology: how inter-firm relations strengthen research efforts in the USALuis Suarez-VillaIJTM52      
219     Internet development in Zambia: a triple helix of government-university-partnersVictor KondeIJTM52      
220     A problem-based learning approach in entrepreneurship education: promoting authentic entrepreneurial...Keng Neo Lynda WeeIJTM51      
221     Customers' perspectives of involvement in new product developmentKlaus BrockhoffIJTM50      
222     Local innovation system governance and performance: a comparative analysis of Oxfordshire, Stuttgart...James Simmie, Corinne Siino, J...IJTM50      
223     Knowledge management in continuous product innovation: a contingent approachStefano Ronchi, Ross Chapman, ...IJTM50      
224     High technology locations and globalisation: converse paths, common processesElizabeth Garnsey, Christian L...IJTM50      
225     An enterprise collaborative management system: a case study of supplier selection in new product d...K.L. Choy, W.B. Lee, Henry C.W...IJTM50      
226     The Cabral–Dahab Science Park Management Paradigm applied to the case of Kista, SwedenRegis CabralIJTM49      
227     Improving university-industry partnership – the Brazilian experience through the scientific and te...Carlos A.S. Passos, Branca Reg...IJTM49      
228     Technology roadmapping: linking technology resources into business planningClare Farrukh, Rob Phaal, Davi...IJTM49      
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