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Editor in Chief: Prof. Ali Selamat
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IJDET provides an authoritative source of reference and international forum for people who want to find and understand information about digital enterprise technology. It covers the areas of enterprise theory, methods, technologies, and corresponding information and knowledge management issues. It aims to highlight integrated solutions related to both manufacturing and service enterprises, particularly in order to solve the new challenges brought about through digital technology in these areas. Contributions that deal with both academic research and industrial practices are included.


 Topics covered include

  • Mathematical models, computing methods
  • Collaboration, competition, mobility
  • Infrastructure, organisational/structural issues
  • Models/simulation/industrial case verifications
  • Standards/specifications, customer requirements, recycling
  • Digitalisation in product design/manufacturing/measuring
  • Product life-cycle services/maintenance, value chain issues
  • Product service systems, decision-making systems
  • Knowledge management
  • Workflow/project/supply chain/quality management
  • CAD/CAE/CAM/PLM, etc, digital hardware, e-technologies
  • Service/manufacturing-oriented digital enterprises, integration
  • Enterprise networks/dynamics/clusters, extended/virtual organisations
  • Globalisation, mobility
  • Case studies

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The objectives of IJDET are to establish an effective channel of communication between academy, industry and others concerned with digital enterprise theory, methods, enabling technologies and industrial case studies. It also aims to promote and coordinate developments in the areas mentioned above. The international dimension is emphasised in order to overcome cultural and national barriers and to meet the needs of accelerating technological and ecological changes in digital enterprise technology.


IJDET provides a vehicle to help professionals, academics, researchers and engineers working in the areas of digital enterprise technology to disseminate research outcomes and practical case studies and to learn from each otherís work.


IJDET publishes original papers, review papers, research notes, case studies, etc. Special Issues devoted to important topics in digital enterprise technology will also be published.



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    Editor in Chief

  • Selamat, Ali, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Editorial Board Members

  • Budiarto, Rahmat, Al Baha University, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia
  • Fujita, Hamido, Iwate Prefecture University, Japan
  • Hsieh, Pei-Hsuan, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, Taiwan
  • Ibrahim, Roliana, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Ibrahim, Zuwairie, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia
  • Krejcar, Ondrej, Univerzita Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
  • Lim, Kok Cheng, Universiti Tenaga Nasional Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland
  • Omatu, Sigeru, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Penhaker, Marek, Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Viedma, Enrique Herrera, University of Granada, Spain


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  • Submitted articles should not have been previously published or be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • Conference papers may only be submitted if the paper has been completely re-written (more details available here) and the author has cleared any necessary permissions with the copyright owner if it has been previously copyrighted.
  • All our articles go through a double-blind review process.
  • All authors must declare they have read and agreed to the content of the submitted article. A full statement of our Ethical Guidelines for Authors (PDF) is available.
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Journal news

  • Forensic data retrieval


    Researchers from Nigeria have looked closely at the latest tools for forensic analysis of data on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. They explain that at the moment retrieval of data from such devices remains a significant problem in terms of obtaining standardized data that will hold up in a court of law. There are also the issues of digital evidence being overwritten and so lost as new data is added to a device with its finite storage capacity as well as the possibility of a remote command being sent across a wireless or other telecommunications network to wipe and even brick a device before law enforcement is able to extract useful evidence in an investigation. The teams approach, tested with retrieving data from one social media app can circumvent this problem by using a forensic peer-to-peer application that duplicates and disperses information across three servers before it can be deleted or destroyed remotely [...]

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