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World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development (WREMSD)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Privatisation, stakeholder power, and weak institutions: the case of the Democratic Republic of CongoJean-Marie Nkongolo-Bakenda; Jeansy Kazadi; Robert B. Anderson; Hilary HoranVol.12 No.4467-492Free access
Optimisation model for industrial complex competitiveness: a path to sustainable innovation processVadim V. Krivorotov; Alexey V. Kalina; Zhanna S. Belyaeva; Sergey Ye ErypalovVol.12 No.2/3254-269Free access
Rethinking the cross-border acquisition process in terms of territorial social responsibilitySelena Aureli; Paola DemartiniVol.11 No.4429-451Free access
Female entrepreneurs in transition economies: insights from Albania, Macedonia and KosovoVeland Ramadani; Robert D. Hisrich; Shqipe Gërguri-RashitiVol.11 No.4391-413Free access
Sustainable development and guidance for entrepreneurship in unfavoured regions: the case of the Alentejo regionRui Manuel de Sousa FragosoVol.11 No.4358-376Free access
Karakul sheep production in Kazakhstan: an efficient collective enterprise under the state farm (sovkhoz) system and its collapse with the break-up of the Soviet UnionA. Allan DegenVol.9 No.11-9Free access
Sustainable consumption and the UK's leading clothing retailersPeter Jones, Daphne Comfort, Robin Bown, David HillierVol.6 No.3244-259Free access