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Progress in Industrial Ecology, An International Journal (PIE)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The growth of the tourism industry and its effect on resource consumption in Macao SAR, ChinaW.M. To; T.M. Lai; K.I. KuVol.10 No.190-113Free access
EU's sustainable growth strategy: some implications on Romanian labour marketOvidiu Folcut; Nela Ramona GrigoreVol.10 No.179-89Free access
The social equity of energy parameters: the Romanian caseAlina ZahariaVol.10 No.166-78Free access
Traditional vs. green energy in RomaniaMona Maria Ivănescu; Camelia GheorgheVol.10 No.155-65Free access
The green economy: EU vision for competitive and sustainable developmentIuliu Marin Ivanescu; Mariana SorlescuVol.10 No.145-54Free access
The education level of the human resources in the context of the green economyPetrică Sorin AnghelutăVol.10 No.134-44Free access
Economic sustainability and possibilities of action for the states, in the case of monetary integration: some notes for reflectionJose Picatoste; Santos Ruesga-Benito; Fernando González-LaxeVol.10 No.116-33Free access
Environmental and technical evaluation of the use of alternative fuels through multi-criteria analysis modelAntonis A. Zorpas; Diana Mihaela Pociovălişteanu; Lydia Georgiadou; Irene VoukkaliVol.10 No.13-15Free access