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International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing (IJWMC)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A multivariate grey RBF hybrid model for residual useful life prediction of industrial equipment based on state dataXiaoshuang Chen; Hui Xiao; Yejun Guo; Qi KangVol.10 No.190-96Free access
Adaptive tracking of group targets using random matrixYun Wang; Guo-Ping Hu; Peng Ni; Lin-Hai GanVol.10 No.183-89Free access
Artificial bee colony algorithm with accelerating convergenceLi Lv; Longzhe Han; Tanghuai Fan; Jia ZhaoVol.10 No.176-82Free access
Mobile wireless sensor network localisation algorithm for coal mineGang-Zhu Qiao; Jian-Chao Zeng; Ming ZhaoVol.10 No.168-75Free access
A new artificial bee colony by improving the search of onlooker beesKe WangVol.10 No.162-67Free access
A new modified differential evolution for global optimisationXuemei You; Yinghong Ma; Zhiyuan LiuVol.10 No.156-61Free access
FFOAS: antenna selection for MIMO wireless communication system using firefly optimisation algorithm and schedulingNidhi Sindhwani; Manjit SinghVol.10 No.148-55Free access
A framework for performance optimisation at software architecture levelPeng Ye; You-Cong Ni; Xin Du; Song Li; Da-Tong Xie; Ru-Liang XiaoVol.10 No.142-47Free access
Highly imbalanced classification using improved rotation forestsXiaonan Fang; Xiyuan Zheng; Yanyan Tan; Huaxiang ZhangVol.10 No.135-41Free access
Wide-band helical antenna designed by dynamic constrained multi-objective evolutionary algorithmYuhong Jiang; Sanyou Zeng; Hong Zhang; Xi LiVol.10 No.126-34Free access
An improved DV-Hop localisation algorithmQin-Shan Zhao; Yu-Lan HuVol.10 No.120-25Free access
LOCA: a low-overhead caching algorithm for flash-based SSDsYan Shen; Liming Luo; Guangyan ZhangVol.10 No.113-19Free access
Flow-based scheme for time-constrained data gathering in wireless sensor networksKhaled Almi'ani; Anastasios Viglas; Frans Schalekamp; Reza AbrishambafVol.10 No.11-12Free access