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International Journal of Web and Grid Services (IJWGS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Experimental results of a Raspberry Pi and OLSR based wireless content centric network testbed: comparison of different platformsAdmir Barolli; Donald Elmazi; Ryoichiro Obukata; Tetsuya Oda; Makoto Ikeda; Leonard BarolliVol.13 No.1131-141Free access
Malware algorithm classification method based on big data analysisJingling Zhao; Shilei Chen; Mengchen Cao; Baojiang CuiVol.13 No.1112-130Free access
A negotiation-based cooperative RBAC schemeHsing-Chung ChenVol.13 No.194-111Free access
Energy-efficient virtual network embedding in networks for cloud computingXiang-Wei Zheng; Bin Hu; Dian-Jie Lu; Zhen-Hua Chen; Hong LiuVol.13 No.175-93Free access
Using trustworthy web services for secure e-assessment in collaborative learning gridsSanti Caballé; Jorge Miguel; Fatos Xhafa; Nicola Capuano; Jordi ConesaVol.13 No.149-74Free access
Reusable garbled gates for new fully homomorphic encryption serviceXu An Wang; Fatos Xhafa; Jianfeng Ma; Yunfei Cao; Dianhua TangVol.13 No.125-48Free access
Real threats using GTP protocol and countermeasures on a 4G mobile grid computing environmentSeongmin Park; Sekwon Kim; Kyungho Son; Hwankuk Kim; Junyoung Park; Kangbin YimVol.13 No.13-24Free access