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International Journal of Vehicle Systems Modelling and Testing (IJVSMT)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Using finite element modelling and simulations to test MotoGP race bikesTerje RølvågVol.10 No.174-106Free access
Modelling, feasibility and performance analyses of a 3-DOF parallel mechanism employed in a rear vehicle suspensionFernando Malvezzi; Tarcisio Antonio Hess-CoelhoVol.10 No.153-73Free access
Automotive winter testing with path-following steering robotHåkan Fredriksson; Jan Van Deventer; Niclas Engström; Jeremy AshVol.10 No.129-52Free access
A multibody dynamics model to assess the impact of road unevenness on the efficiency of a semitrailer truckLouis Gagnon; Marc J. Richard; Guy DoréVol.10 No.11-28Free access