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International Journal of Ultra Wideband Communications and Systems (IJUWBCS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Low complexity RAKE receiver for TH-based multiuser UWB system with realistic UWB indoor channelHimanshu B. Soni, U.B. Desai, S.N. MerchantVol.2 No.144-54Free access
Packet loss-ratio based scheduler: an adaptive scheduling scheme to increase the number of multimedia applications in WLANM.G. Jibukumar, Raja Datta, Prabir K. BiswasVol.2 No.134-43Free access
Ultra wide bandwidth indoor channel model based on measurements and physical approachR. Saadane, D. AboutajdineVol.2 No.123-33Free access
Preliminary UWB channel study for wireless body area networks in medical applicationsAttaphongse Taparugssanagorn, Carlos Pomalaza-Raez, Ari Isola, Raffaello Tesi, Matti Hamalainen, Jari IinattiVol.2 No.114-22Free access
Adaptive data distribution technique for enhancing MB-OFDM UWB link performance in detect and avoid environmentsAhmad M. Rateb, S.K. Syed Yusof, Norsheila FisalVol.2 No.11-13Free access