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International Journal of Technology Policy and Law (IJTPL)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Stuck in the middle: the need to refine intermediary liability for copyright infringement in the P2P file-sharing worldHelen PatersonVol.1 No.192-115Free access
Reformulating the 'inventive step' in patent law to achieve an appropriate balance between patent holders and the publicSanil KhatriVol.1 No.169-91Free access
The problems of openness – effective regulation of open source softwareMary HuangVol.1 No.148-68Free access
Telecommunications interception and access regulation framework in the US and the UKNazzal KisswaniVol.1 No.125-47Free access
Reflections on the uniform domain name dispute resolution policy as it enters its second decadeAlpana RoyVol.1 No.115-24Free access
WIPO and the ACTA threatSara BannermanVol.1 No.13-14Free access