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International Journal of Trade and Global Markets (IJTGM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Mining economist opinions on using multi-agent methodology to simulate metal marketsGaétan Lefebvre; Fenintsoa AndriamasinoroVol.9 No.183-102Free access
Network competence based on resource-based view and resource dependence theoryShehnaz Tehseen; Sulaiman SajilanVol.9 No.160-82Free access
Global business vulnerabilities in cloud computing servicesIssam KouatliVol.9 No.145-59Free access
Perceptions of consumers in the financial industry under a qualitative data analysis methodologyJorge MongayVol.9 No.133-44Free access
New patterns of world trade and foreign direct investment growth in EgyptAmany FakherVol.9 No.118-32Free access
Language variation among business abstractsBenjamin DuncanVol.9 No.12-17Free access