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International Journal of Sustainable Society (IJSSOC)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Peripheral land conversion for land and housing development projects and its impacts upon the affected people: a study in Greater DhakaMd. Jahangir AlamVol.8 No.173-89Free access
Sustainable livelihood approach towards enhanced management of rural resourcesMay A. Massoud; Sarah Issa; Mutasem El-Fadel; Ibrahim JamaliVol.8 No.154-72Free access
Valuing environmental management practices through contingent valuation. A review of recent applicationsAna Gessa-Perera; Sara García-Vivas; María-del-Mar González-ZamoraVol.8 No.122-53Free access
Predicting behaviours related to marine litter prevention: an empirical case based on junior high school students in ItalyNatalia Marzia Gusmerotti; Filippo Corsini; Francesco Testa; Alessandra Borghini; Fabio IraldoVol.8 No.11-21Free access