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International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IJSEI)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Relationship marketing and its impact on customer loyalty in service industryBalarabe Abubakar Jakada; Musa Gambo Kasuwar KukaVol.3 No.171-84Free access
Community practice social entrepreneurship: an interdisciplinary approach to graduate education Monica Nandan; Manuel London; Terry C. BlumVol.3 No.151-70Free access
Sustainable structure and strategies to alleviate poverty: a case study of Self-Employed Women's Association, a membership based organisation Bindu VyasVol.3 No.139-50Free access
Improving socio-economic stability and natural sustainability of coral reef ecosystems through mitigation, ecotourism and educationKathleen A. NolanVol.3 No.129-38Free access
Relationships between founder background, issue severity, and innovation in social entrepreneurship initiativesManuel London; Steven Dell'Amore; Mallory Rothstein; Katie Stockhammer-DeSimoneVol.3 No.112-28Free access
Identities and roots: a historical account of the Yemeni community in the South Yorkshire town of Sheffield, UKKhadeegha AlzouebiVol.3 No.11-11Free access