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International Journal of Supply Chain and Inventory Management (IJSCIM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
How many to produce? The impact of machine flexibility on the performance of a supply chainEleonora Bottani; Roberto Montanari; Marta RinaldiVol.1 No.162-90Free access
Integrated method of analysing logistics costs in supply chainValery Sergeyevich Lukinskiy; Lukinskiy Vladislav Valeryevich; Daria Alexandrovna ZamaletdinovaVol.1 No.148-61Free access
New enabling technologies and solutions for car terminals procedures enhancement and operators trainingAgostino Bruzzone; Francesco Longo; Marina Massei; Roberto Musmanno; Letizia NicolettiVol.1 No.131-47Free access
Solution approaches for determining user-oriented paths on dynamic networksLuigi Di Puglia Pugliese; Francesca GuerrieroVol.1 No.16-30Free access