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International Journal of Organisational Design and Engineering (IJODE)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The discipline of enterprise engineeringJan L.G. Dietz; Jan A.P. Hoogervorst; Antonia Albani; David Aveiro; Eduard Babkin; Joseph Barjis; Artur Caetano; Philip Huysmans; Junichi Iijima; Steven J.H. Van Kervel; Hans Mulder; Martin Op 't Land; Henderik A. Proper; Jorge Sanz; Linda Terlouw; José Tribolet; Jan Verelst; Robert WinterVol.3 No.186-114Free access
Choosing the right friends - predicting success of startup entrepreneurs and innovators through their online social network structurePeter A. Gloor; Pierre Dorsaz; Hauke Fuehres; Manfred VogelVol.3 No.167-85Free access
Comparative process architectures in two higher education institutionsIan Beeson; Stewart Green; Richard KammVol.3 No.135-66Free access
Implementing change in health services: the case of rapid response systemsCarolien De Blok; Ellen S. Koster; Cordula WagnerVol.3 No.11-34Free access