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International Journal of Nanotechnology (IJNT)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Important impact of the experimental platform on the efficient control of electronic and vibrational properties of molecular junctionsIoan BâldeaVol.13 No.8/9685-691Free access
Graphene monolayer produced on Pt reusable substrates for transparent conductive electrodes applicationsL. Golanski; D. Rouchon; H. Okuno; P. FugierVol.13 No.8/9678-684Free access
On the existence of two states in liquid water: impact on biological and nanoscopic systemsL.M. Maestro; M.I. Marqués; E. Camarillo; D. Jaque; J. García Solé; J.A. Gonzalo; F. Jaque; Juan C. Del Valle; F. Mallamace; H.E. StanleyVol.13 No.8/9667-677Free access
Internalisation of core-shell superparamagnetic nanoparticles into human granulocytesF. De Angelis; G. Berardi; F.A. Scaramuzzo; M. Liberatore; M. BarteriVol.13 No.8/9659-666Free access
Magnetic nanocomposites based on mesoporous silica for biomedical applicationsZ. Vargas-Osorio; Y. Piñeiro; C. Vázquez-Vázquez; C. Rodríguez-Abreu; M.A. Álvarez-Pérez; M.A. López-Quintela; J. RivasVol.13 No.8/9648-658Free access
Thin films of organic dyes with silver nanoparticles: enhancement and spectral shifting of fluorescence due to excitation of localised surface plasmonsNikita A. Toropov; Aisylu N. Kamalieva; Tigran A. VartanyanVol.13 No.8/9642-647Free access
Evaluation of ultra-thin structures composed of graphene and high-k dielectrics for resistive switching memory applicationsQian Wu; Sergi Claramunt; Marc Porti; Montserrat Nafría; Xavier AymerichVol.13 No.8/9634-641Free access
Preparation and characterisation of Pd nanoparticles doped UO2 samplesA. Espriu-Gascon; J. Bastos-Arrieta; J. Giménez; I. Casas; J. De PabloVol.13 No.8/9627-633Free access
Neutral and charged excitons in tungsten dichalcogenides monolayerA. Hichri; S. JaziriVol.13 No.8/9619-626Free access
Carbon nanotube net as a conductive and transparent film for solar energy conversionSergio Pinilla; J.L. Balenzategui; C. Morant; E. ElizaldeVol.13 No.8/9612-618Free access
Graphite-to-diamond (13C) direct transition in a diamond anvil high-pressure cellV.D. Blank; B.A. Kulnitskiy; I.A. Perezhogin; E.V. Tyukalova; V.N. Denisov; A.N. KirichenkoVol.13 No.8/9604-611Free access
Microrheology of viscoelastic solutions studied by magnetic rotational spectroscopyJean-François BerretVol.13 No.8/9597-603Free access
Contactless graphene conductance measurements: the effect of device fabrication on terahertz time-domain spectroscopyDavid M.A. Mackenzie; Jonas D. Buron; Peter Bøggild; Peter U. Jepsen; Dirch H. PetersenVol.13 No.8/9591-596Free access
Development of aluminium matrix composites with non-agglomerated nanodiamond reinforcementsV.A. Popov; E.V. Shelekhov; A.S. Prosviryakov; D.V. Matveev; E.V. Vershinina; M.G. KhomutovVol.13 No.8/9584-590Free access
Non-covalent functionalisation of carbon-based nanostructures and its application to carbon/epoxy compositesAntonio F. Avila; Viviane C. Munhoz; Nathalia C. Menezes; Camila F. Da Silva; Suchilla G. LeãoVol.13 No.8/9573-583Free access