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International Journal of Nuclear Energy Science and Technology (IJNEST)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Comparative study of random and uniform models for the coated fuel particles distribution in pebble bed reactorsJesús Alberto Rosales García; Carlos R. García Hernández; Carlos A. Brayner De Oliveira Lira; Jesús Pérez Curbelo; Amaury Muñoz Oliva; Dany Sánchez DomínguezVol.10 No.172-87Free access
A new Metropolis optimisation method, the cross-section particle collision algorithm: some preliminary resultsWagner F. Sacco; Ana Carolina Rios-CoelhoVol.10 No.159-71Free access
Non-linear control of the reactor power in a PWR using online parameter adaptationRasoul Ghasemi; Gholam Reza AnsarifarVol.10 No.128-58Free access
Thermal performance characteristics of liquid sodium as a coolant flowing past a rectangular nuclear fuel elementAbdul Razak Kaladgi; A.D. Mohammed Samee; M.K. RamisVol.10 No.111-27Free access
Calculation of the accidental gamma dose rate at the top of the low power research reactorS. Dawahra; G. SabaVol.10 No.11-10Free access