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International Journal of Modelling in Operations Management (IJMOM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Developing a multi-objective BCC model in grey environmentAlireza Alinezhad; Hossein Kakavand; Abolfazl Kazemi; Mahsa Oroojeni Mohammad JavadVol.5 No.172-82Free access
Evaluation of asset replacement strategies considering economic cycles: lessons from the machinery rental businessAndreas Größler; Enzo Bivona; Fuzhuang LiVol.5 No.152-71Free access
An empirical model for the barriers to successful implementation of marketing strategies: a fuzzy approachHadi Balouei Jamkhaneh; Javad Khazaei Pool; Reza Verij Kazemi; Masoud Mostafavi; Hamed Mohammadi Shahroudi; Mehdi Pourmostafa KhoshkroudiVol.5 No.133-51Free access
Demand chain management implementation enablers: an interpretive structural modelling approach Narendra Varkhedkar; Prakash Verma; Nitin SethVol.5 No.113-32Free access
An analysis of firms' sustainable operations strategies: a game theory approachNarges Kasiri; Hormoz MovassaghiVol.5 No.11-12Free access