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International Journal of Management and Network Economics (IJMNE)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Role of access charges in the migration from copper to FTTHFrançois Jeanjean; Julienne LiangVol.2 No.3298-317Free access
Forecasting international technology transfer and international trade in Nigeria: a time series analysisOlawumi Dele AwolusiVol.2 No.3282-297Free access
Asymmetric equilibria and non-cooperative access pricing in telecommunicationsStefan BehringerVol.2 No.3257-281Free access
Strategic R&D in systems industry - a network externality-based theorySumit SarkarVol.2 No.3236-256Free access
Competition between fixed and mobile broadband access based on mobility and data volumesJulienne LiangVol.2 No.3217-235Free access