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International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation (IJMNDI)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Adaptive clustering and routing using fuzzy decision model in WSNT. Prabakaran; N.K. KarthikeyanVol.6 No.151-62Free access
Alleviating upstream congestion by using MSBPCCP in distributed networksSudhir N. Dhage; B.B. MeshramVol.6 No.140-50Free access
Trust-based light weight authentication routing protocol for MANETBanoth Rajkumar; Gugulothu NarsimhaVol.6 No.131-39Free access
A routing scheme for IEEE 802.15.4 wireless sensor networksHaili Huang; Xiaonan Wang; Xiaoqing Pan; Yuan YangVol.6 No.124-30Free access
Improving throughput for downlink multi user MIMO-LTE advanced networks using SINR approximation and hierarchical CSI feedbackThirumalai Padmapriya; Vaitilingam SaminadanVol.6 No.114-23Free access
Non-visual navigation interface for completing tasks with a predefined order using mobile phone: a case study of pilgrimageIyad Abu Doush; Sawsan Alshattnawi; Malek BarhoushVol.6 No.11-13Free access