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International Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Optimisation (IJMMNO)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Two-stage heuristic algorithm for the large-scale capacitated location routing problemOualid Guemri; Bouziane Beldjilali; Abdelghani Bekrar; Ghalem BelalemVol.7 No.197-119Free access
A zero suppressed binary decision diagram-based test set relaxation for single and multiple stuck-at faultsNavya Mohan; J.P. AnitaVol.7 No.183-96Free access
Optimal gait generation for quadruped robots using mesh adaptive direct searchShabnam Shakourzadeh; Mohammad FarrokhiVol.7 No.166-82Free access
Aggregating evaluation using dynamic weighted intuitionistic fuzzy approach for concept sequencing in an e-learning systemMukta Goyal; Alka Choubey; Divakar YadavVol.7 No.144-65Free access
An algorithm for general multilevel linear/linear fractional programming problemsShifali Bhargava; Dinesh K. SharmaVol.7 No.133-43Free access
A two-stage stochastic programming optimisation for sugar-ethanol-electricity production from sugarcane: a case study of MauritiusNoure-Roukayya Badurally Adam; Muhammad Zaid Dauhoo; Abdel Anwar Hossen Khoodaruth; Mohammad Khalil ElaheeVol.7 No.120-32Free access
Implicit finite difference solution for the magneto-hydro-dynamic unsteady free convective flow and heat transfer of a third-grade fluid past a porous vertical plateItishree Nayak; Ajit Kumar Nayak; Sudarsan PadhyVol.7 No.14-19Free access