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International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control (IJMIC)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Output tracking control of pH neutralisation with iterative feedback tuningRuizi Ma; Guoshan ZhangVol.25 No.162-70Free access
Dynamical behaviours of the gas for given piston movements Meiyan Gao; Manjun Ma; Changqing Tong; Xu LiVol.25 No.156-61Free access
Active contour-based colour image selective segmentationXueqin Wang; Shurong Li; Yu Yu; Li Man; Jiayan WangVol.25 No.148-55Free access
Controller design for multivariable nonlinear control systems based on gradient-based ant colony optimisationMojtaba Eftekhari; Mahdi EftekhariVol.25 No.138-47Free access
Optimum design of a flexible wing for portable aerial vehicleYang Yu; Zhengjie Wang; Jian MaVol.25 No.128-37Free access
Full-order multi-input/multi-output terminal sliding mode control for robotic manipulatorsQianlei Cao; Shurong Li; Dongya ZhaoVol.25 No.117-27Free access
On Zhou's maximum principle for near-optimal control of mean-field forward-backward stochastic systems with jumps and its applicationsMokhtar Hafayed; Abdelmadjid Abba; Samira BoukafVol.25 No.11-16Free access