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International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics (IJMEI)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Curvilinear hole filling for 3D digital dental modelsParamate Horkaew; Chanjira SinthanayothinVol.8 No.176-84Free access
An XML-based mediator for health information systemsSanae Mazouz; Mohammed Ouçamah Cherkaoui Malki; El Habib NfaouiVol.8 No.163-75Free access
Heart sounds analysis and murmursS.M. Debbal; A. Meziane TaniVol.8 No.149-62Free access
Medical errors in Saudi Arabia: understanding the pattern and associated financial costM.H. Alshammari; Dinesh P. MitalVol.8 No.141-48Free access
Tuberculosis diagnosis - an overview to the conventional diagnostic methodology and need for nanodiagnosisS. SudhaVol.8 No.127-40Free access
Analysis of collagen fibres on remodellingC. Pon Selvi; R. Kalpana; K. Vaishnavi; R. Deepachitra; T.P. SastryVol.8 No.114-26Free access
Multilevel thresholding and fractal analysis based approach for classification of brain MRI images into tumour and non-tumourBasavaraj S. Anami; Prakash H. UnkiVol.8 No.11-13Free access