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International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics (IJMEI)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Medical image up-sampling using a correlation-based sparse representation modelKatragadda Vamsi Krishna; Barjinder Singh Saini; Barjinder Singh Saini; Barjinder Singh SainiVol.9 No.173-86Free access
Artificial neural network as classification method for prostate cancer incidenceKhaled S. Alqahtani; Shankar Srinivasan; Dinesh P. MitalVol.9 No.161-72Free access
A review of high G-stress induced problems and their solutionsSharda Vashisth; Munna Khan; Ritu Vijay; Ashok K. SalhanVol.9 No.147-60Free access
An effective image denoising using PPCA and classification of CT images using artificial neural networksL. Mredhula; M.A. DorairangaswamyVol.9 No.130-46Free access
Improvement of the generation of displacement vectors in the reconstruction of a 3D mesh for medical imagesBenomar El Mdeghri Said; Cherkaoui Malki Mohammed Ouçamah; Kaddari AbdelhakVol.9 No.120-29Free access
Penalised Cox regression models for survival dataDuo Zhou; Dinesh P. Mital; Shankar Srinivasan; Masayuki ShibataVol.9 No.11-19Free access