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International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance (IJMEF)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Financial deepening and stock market returns: panel data analyses for selected developed and developing economiesMatiur Rahman; Muhammad MustafaVol.10 No.196-109Free access
Spatial agglomeration in a monetary multi-regional growth model with urban residential distributionWei-Bin ZhangVol.10 No.168-95Free access
Emphasis and effectiveness of monetary policy of the Fed: a historical comparative analysis (1871-2013)Ling T. HeVol.10 No.147-67Free access
CEO emotional intelligence and firm dividend policy: decision tree analysisMohamed Ali Azouzi; Anis JarbouiVol.10 No.124-46Free access
GCC monetary union and the transmission of business cycles: evidence from temporal correlationsImed Medhioub; Lotfi Ben JedidiaVol.10 No.11-23Free access