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International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development (IJMED)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Success factors of Polish family businessesKrystyna Kołodko; Elżbieta Weiss; Agnieszka Bitkowska; Sabina Kauf; Krystyna LeszczewskaVol.16 No.1/2128-149Free access
Psychological contract and social exchange in family firmsTimothy M. Madden; Laura T. Madden; Jason A. Strickling; Kimberly A. EddlestonVol.16 No.1/2109-127Free access
Internationalisation of publicly traded family firms: a transaction cost theory perspective and longitudinal analysisEsra Memili; Kaustav Misra; James J. Chrisman; Dianne H.B. WelshVol.16 No.1/280-108Free access
Time to recalibrate? Exploring entrepreneurial orientation of family businesses before, during, and after an environmental joltMiles A. Zachary; G. Tyge Payne; Curt B. Moore; Jennifer C. SextonVol.16 No.1/257-79Free access
Family business goals, corporate citizenship behaviour and firm performance: disentangling the connectionsClaudia Astrachan Binz; Keith E. Ferguson; Torsten M. Pieper; Joseph H. AstrachanVol.16 No.1/234-56Free access
Raising entrepreneurs: can parenting style amplify entrepreneurial intentions and behaviours?David S. Jiang; Scott D. Hayward; M. Lane MorrisVol.16 No.1/213-33Free access