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International Journal of Management and Decision Making (IJMDM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Cognitive styles in dynamic decision making: a laboratory experimentMatteo CristofaroVol.15 No.153-82Free access
Integration of factors affecting venture capitalists' investment decision: an interpretive structural modelling approachMonika Dhochak; Anil K. SharmaVol.15 No.138-52Free access
Identifying and ranking earthquake disaster prevention strategies in TehranMona Sadeghi; Kamran Shahanaghi; Majeed HeydariVol.15 No.116-37Free access
A fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making methodology to optimise olive agro-engineering processes based on geo-spatial technologiesG. La Scalia; F.P. Marra; J. Rühl; R. Sciortino; T. CarusoVol.15 No.11-15Free access