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International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making (IJMCDM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Flood disaster management with the use of AHPZoe Nivolianitou; Barbara Synodinou; Davide MancaVol.5 No.1/2152-164Free access
PROMETHEE-GDSS revisited: applications so far and new developmentsCathy Macharis; Bertrand Mareschal; Jean-Philippe Waaub; Lauriane MilanVol.5 No.1/2129-151Free access
A framework for the optimal multicriteria design of networks of small hydro turbines in polluted streams Mario Luis Chew Hernández; Edgar Enrique Pérez Pantoja; Bianca Carolina García ReyesVol.5 No.1/2109-128Free access
A strategic model for selecting the location of furniture factories: a case of the study of furniture Majid Azizi; Nemat Mohebbi; Rahim Mohebbi Gargari; Mohsen ZiaieVol.5 No.1/287-108Free access
A multicriteria clustering approach to facility layout generationVikas Kapoor; Shyam Singh TakVol.5 No.1/259-86Free access
Decision-making in a coordinated control structure Lamia Berrah; Vincent ClivilleVol.5 No.1/239-58Free access
Multicriteria decision problem structuring: the strategic choice approach in the context of public projects in ItalyDiana RolandoVol.5 No.1/24-38Free access