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International Journal of Leisure and Tourism Marketing (IJLTM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Segmenting youth tourists to cultural heritage destinations: motivational determinants and experiential characteristicsNikolaos BoukasVol.4 No.163-89Free access
Wine consumption in new and expert consumers: the case of MexicoRaquel Castaño; Josefina Martinez; Ricardo MoralesVol.4 No.150-62Free access
Small restaurant businesses and the importance of knowledge of cost management: an exploratory studyAbel Duarte Alonso; Vlad KrajsicVol.4 No.131-49Free access
The impact of cultural event on city image: an evaluation of the 2008 European capital of culture, LiverpoolYi-De LiuVol.4 No.119-30Free access
Gastro-tourism as destination branding in emerging marketsHelena A. Williams; Robert L. Williams Jr.; Maktoba OmarVol.4 No.11-18Free access