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International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management (IJLSM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Role of management capability and web-enabled direct procurement in creating competitive direct procurement advantageYi-Ming TaiVol.26 No.1125-143Free access
Material flow optimisation in a multi-echelon and multi-product supply chainRaju Rajkanth; G. Srinivasan; Mohan GopalakrishnanVol.26 No.1105-124Free access
Integrating sustainable development, lean, and logistics concepts into a lean sustainable logistics modelSooksiri Wichaisri; Apichat SopadangVol.26 No.185-104Free access
Development of an inventory model for two suppliers with random capacity considering supply disruptionImtiaz Ahmed; Ineen Sultana; Abdullahil AzeemVol.26 No.157-84Free access
How do different supply chain configuration settings impact on performance trade-offs?Yasmine Sabri; Guido J.L. Micheli; Cali NuurVol.26 No.134-56Free access
Enhancing the competitive advantages of Vietnamese coffee through the exploration of causal loop modelling in the supply chainThich V. Nguyen; Nam C. Nguyen; Ockie J.H. BoschVol.26 No.117-33Free access
A bi-objective location inventory model for three-layer supply chain network design considering capacity planningHamed Iranmanesh; Abolfazl KazemiVol.26 No.11-16Free access