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International Journal of Knowledge and Learning (IJKL)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Children's reading and writing success: the role of diligence and intelligenceTeinye Briggs; Nwachukwu Prince OlolubeVol.10 No.178-93Free access
Teaching novice programmers using ProgTestDraylson Micael De Souza; Seiji Isotani; Ellen Francine BarbosaVol.10 No.160-77Free access
How can learning efficiency be improved in teaching economics in English as a foreign language?Nobuya FukugawaVol.10 No.144-59Free access
Technological paradigms and trajectories as determinants of the R&D corporate change in drug discovery industryMario CocciaVol.10 No.129-43Free access
The role of user-centered design and usability on knowledge sharing: a school website field studyIris Reychav; Dezhi WuVol.10 No.116-28Free access
Knowledge management and reuse in tourism destination observatoriesCristina Martelli; Emanuele Bellini; Maria Flora SalvatoriVol.10 No.11-15Free access