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International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development (IJKBD)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The Smart State test: a critical review of the Smart State Strategy 2005-2015's Knowledge-Based Urban DevelopmentTimothy HortzVol.7 No.175-101Free access
A short communication on glocal universitiesFrancesc Xavier GrauVol.7 No.163-74Free access
Starting early: relational capital networks for street children in emerging knowledge-based public service modelsLeticia I. Lopez; Blanca C. GarciaVol.7 No.143-62Free access
Knowledge economy and metropolitan growth: Barcelona and Helsinki metropolitan areas as case studiesJuan Eduardo Chica; Carlos MarmolejoVol.7 No.122-42Free access
Place quality and urban competitiveness symbiosis? A position paperNiusha Esmaeilpoorarabi; Tan Yigitcanlar; Mirko GuaraldaVol.7 No.14-21Free access