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International Journal of Intelligent Engineering Informatics (IJIEI)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Cluster optimisation in information retrieval using self-exploration-based PSOS. Prakasha; G.T. Raju; Manoj Kumar SinghVol.4 No.191-115Free access
Hybrid system based on bijective soft and neural network for Egyptian neonatal jaundice diagnosis Ahmad Taher Azar; H. Hannah Inbarani; S. Udhaya Kumar; Hala Shawky OwnVol.4 No.171-90Free access
A method to identify VR-based set-up to foster elderly in design evaluationMaura Mengoni; Damiano Raponi; Silvia CeccacciVol.4 No.146-70Free access
Enhanced relevant feature selection model for intrusion detection systemsAyman I. Madbouly; Tamer M. BarakatVol.4 No.121-45Free access
A new dataset of word-level offline handwritten numeral images from four official Indic scripts and its benchmarking using image transform fusionSk Md Obaidullah; Chayan Halder; Nibaran Das; Kaushik RoyVol.4 No.11-20Free access