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International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics (IJHFE)


This selection represents the two winners and three runners-up of the inaugural Best Papers award

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Attitudinal predictors of relative reliance on human vs. automated advisorsStephanie M. Merritt; Ruchi Sinha; Paul G. Curran; Daniel R. IlgenVol.3 No.3/4327-345Free access
Lean implementation at different levels in Swedish hospitals: the importance for working conditions and stressLotta Dellve; Anna Williamsson; Marcus Strömgren; Richard J. Holden; Andrea ErikssonVol.3 No.3/4235-253Free access
Auditory forward collision warnings reduce crashes associated with task-induced fatigue in young and older driversCarryl L. Baldwin; Jennifer F. May; Raja ParasuramanVol.3 No.2107-121Free access
Using the situation present assessment method to measure situation awareness in simulated submarine track managementShayne Loft; Daniel B. Morrell; Samuel HufVol.2 No.133-48Free access
New organisational issues and macroergonomics: integrating management systemsPedro Domingues; Paulo Sampaio; Pedro M. ArezesVol.1 No.4351-375Free access
Hazard perception in older driversCharles T. Scialfa; Micheline C. Deschênes; Jennifer D. Ference; Jessica Boone; Mark S. Horswill; Mark WettonVol.1 No.3221-233Free access
Improving the visibility of bicycle infrastructureEva Fabriek; Dick De Waard; J. Paul SchepersVol.1 No.198-115Free access
Ergonomics development needs in truck body design – from video analyses to solution proposalsArto Reiman; Ari PutkonenVol.1 No.158-73Free access